County wants to streamline process so it is easier for film crews to work here

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By Ian Neligh

Clear Creek County wants to become more user friendly for the film and television industry.
The county is planning to create a permit for filming to streamline the process, making it easier for the public to see the county in a commercial or on the big screen.
County Manager Keith Montag told county commissioners that Clear Creek was recently approached regarding a film project.
“Something came up recently where a film crew … or a promoter wanted to film some Toyota car/truck commercials, and they were just inquiring, ‘Well, what does the county need or require for that type of event?’” Montag said. “And we really didn’t have anything.”
Montag said the county is now in the process of setting up a process he described as “hopefully quick.”
“That will allow these types of folks to come in and do some filming, some movie/TV shoots,” Montag said.
County Planning Director Frederick Rollenhagen said in the past when college students wanted to film school projects in the county, they would be asked to fill out a special-event permit.
“We (did) a quick special-event permit process, where we notify applicable agencies and things like that,” Rollenhagen said. “It is (now) on the list of things for us to do is put together some sort of a permit system for when somebody wants to film a movie in the county.”
A permit would help provide notification to emergency services, highway and road officials, and other applicable agencies that a movie is being filmed and where.
“(And) to assure that facilities, like bathrooms … and things like that are being provided,” Rollenhagen said. “Just to make sure we know what is going on. … In case there is an emergency, we know where it is and what the circumstances are so we can respond intelligently.”
Clear Creek County is not a stranger to being featured in films. Some productions featuring Georgetown include John Denver’s “The Christmas Gift,” Ben Affleck’s “Phantoms” and Dennis Quaid’s “Switchback.” In 2014, Distant Thunder Films filmed “Searching for Fortune” at several locations in the county with actors John Heard and Brian Smolensky.

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