Grow operation’s move approved

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By Ian Neligh

Mountain Medicinals marijuana dispensary has received approval from the Idaho Springs city council to move its retail growing operation to its new location at 2313 Colorado Blvd.

The council approved the move unanimously during its Oct. 24 meeting.

Last year the dispensary received permission to move the bulk of its operation from 1800 Colorado Blvd. to the former RE/MAX Mountain Realty building next to Safeway despite public concerns about potential odor.

At the Oct. 24 meeting, City Clerk Diane Breece read into the record one resident’s objection, which questioned whether the city wants “children, families and visitors to our town” to endure any odors.

That letter said the grow operation would add to the marijuana odor that already exists in the area, and that pot businesses need to do a better job of filtering their emissions.

Police Chief Chris Malanka said he did not object to the move.

“We’re kind of saddled with the legislation in the constitution. Unless there’s a specific violation of city ordinance, we have no objection or justifiable reason to object,” Malanka said.

Jason Siegel, a council member and general manager of the Kine Mine, said pot businesses aren’t the only commercial entities in town that emit odors.

“I live a block away from Safeway, which is also a block away from Mountain Medicinals, and I’ll tell you that I am more bothered by the grease trap at Safeway than anything,” Siegel said. “That’s a horrible smell in and of itself, but I’m not here writing letters for Safeway to fix their grease trap. It is the same way with the breweries. The smell of the hops when they’re brewing beer is pretty God-awful.”

Siegel said that any city regulations on odors would need to apply to all businesses.

Council member Kate Collier echoed Siegel’s sentiments.

“Coffee, beer, marijuana, fried chicken — it doesn’t matter; they all make smells,” Collier said.

Mayor Mike Hillman said the town requires marijuana businesses to filter the air coming out, something breweries and other businesses are not required to do.

“And I think (all the marijuana shops), to my knowledge, are doing the best they can to keep it within their establishment,” Hillman said.

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