Police Blotter: Crime Calls from Jan. 29-Feb. 4

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By Corinne Westeman

• Monday, Jan. 29 — An Idaho Springs officer stopped a motorist for defective equipment and found the driver had a restricted license requiring an interlock-equipped vehicle. The driver was arrested and transported to the county jail for reportedly driving a vehicle without an approved ignition interlock, insurance or a license plate.

• Monday, Jan. 29 — A deputy responded to a report of an abandoned snowmobile in the 100 block of Leavenworth Creek Road.

• Tuesday, Jan. 30 — Authorities responded to a down power line near mile marker 244 of Interstate 70. It was determined to be a dead wire hanging down.

• Wednesday, Jan. 31 — A deputy respond to a report of an unattended campfire in St. Mary’s.

• Wednesday, Jan. 31 — Deputies and a Georgetown officer were involved with a driver who reportedly ran a road block during a truck fire near mile marker 228 of Interstate 70.

• Friday, Feb. 2 — A deputy responded to a suspicious activity report along County Road 308 regarding people going through mail in a recycle box. After talking to the people, it was found they were clipping coupons while waiting for the bus.

• Friday, Feb. 2 — Georgetown police landed a helicopter at Georgetown Lake in the 2200 block of Argentine Street.

• Friday, Feb. 2 — A deputy received a report of gunshots near the 27000 block of Squaw Pass Road.

• Friday, Feb. 2 — A deputy arrived on Rainbow Road regarding a report of a vehicle that appeared open with nobody around. After investigation, the people had gotten stuck and were transporting other people in a separate vehicle.

• Saturday, Feb. 3 — Authorities responded to a report of a vehicle over the edge near mile marker 252 of Highway 40. All people had gotten out of the vehicle and arranged their own tow.

• Saturday, Feb. 3 — A deputy initiated a call for people walking along Interstate 70 near mile marker 238.

• Saturday, Feb. 3 — A deputy received a report of a criminal trespass in the 19000 block of Highway 103 that involved a vehicle in a parking lot.

• Saturday, Feb. 3 — Authorities reported to the 13300 block of Guanella Pass Road regarding a lost hiker. The hiker was eventually located and returned safely to their vehicle.

• Sunday, Feb. 4 — Deputies responded to an irate person reportedly damaging property at a St. Mary’s residence. After speaking with all people involved, the deputies resolved to give the person a courtesy ride to Idaho Springs.

• Sunday, Feb. 4 — Authorities responded to a report of a lost snowmobiler in the 1700 block of Jones Pass Road. After some time, the person was found and made it out of the field.