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A tradition goes on
The bells of Georgetown once again rang out at midnight on New Year’s Eve, this time in memory of Buff Rutherford, who instigated the return of ringing the bells as they did when he was growing up in Georgetown. 
Special thanks to Bob Gibbs, Coralou Anderson, Tom and Ellen Elliot, Brent Kruger, Peter Werlin, and the Frost family.
Your thoughtfulness and caring warm my heart.       
Mary Lou Rutherford

Thanks for your thoughtfulness
It is hard to find words to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for all the concern and kindness shown our family before and after Blaine’s death.
We want to say a special thanks to all who called, sent cards and flowers, and brought food to us.
Your thoughtfulness is appreciated more than we can say.
Rose Thomas
Steve and Alison Thomas
Linda and Stuart Arnold
Lorraine and Lonnie Kawcak
and family