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Resolve the spending epidemic or go


Everyone in county government, whether elected officials, wannabes, management or rank-and-file employees, needs to ask this simple question: “Am I part of the problem or the solution?”

County spending and taxation is 250 percent above the county average statewide, and this fact requires an immediate and dramatic remedy.

The Henderson Mine, instead of being a godsend by providing a 70 percent reduction in taxes over the past 40 years, has instead served as a personal piggybank for the county, a sorry excuse for unbridled, profligate and irresponsible spending. Very thankfully, this nightmarish aberration, this dreadful example of what happens when you keep throwing endless sums of money at a government entity, is coming to a merciful end.

Every manager or politician on the county payroll needs to view and copy the means by which other counties provide the same basic services for 40 percent or less of the cost that applies here.

Rather than shamelessly and continually begging for more tax monies, management and the commissioners need to make their only priority to reduce county spending by 60 percent in line with the state average. To not do so at this time would represent an abrogation of their most basic fiscal duties and serve as grounds for dismissal or being unseated by politicians who give a darn about taxpayer rights.

Tim Wheeler, Idaho Springs