Local News

  • Ex-business manager charged with felony theft

    An Idaho Springs resident was arrested in connection with the theft of $245,000 from Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub.

    Hope Michelle Reynolds, 47, the restaurant’s former business manager, has been charged with one count of third-degree felony theft, which could carry a possible sentence of between four and 12 years in prison.

    According to the arrest affidavit, Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub contacted the police after it received a forensic accounting report detailing allegations of theft, including Reynolds’ activity as business manager from 2013-16.

  • Idaho Springs to ask voters to extend council members’ term limits

    Voters in Idaho Springs will be asked in November to allow city council members to serve a third term.

    Mayor Mike Hillman, who is in his first term, told the council at its March 20 meeting that it would be an advantage because sometimes it was difficult to find people willing to run for office.

    Currently, council members can serve two four-year terms. If the ballot measure is approved, a successfully re-elected candidate could serve 12 years.

  • Idaho Springs wants a bond to make road improvements

    Idaho Springs officials want to ask voters to approve a $60 million bond to fix the town’s roads and sidewalks, and then use proceeds from an already approved 1 percent sales tax to pay it back.

    The plan would need voter approval, and officials say there would be no property tax increase.

    In 2014, voters approved the sales tax with the money earmarked for road improvements, and it raises between $500,000 and $600,000 a year. By borrowing the money, the work could be done more quickly.

  • Georgetown cancels election, has bids on projects

    Georgetown has cancelled its election, as no one signed up to run in opposition to the incumbent police judge and the three selectmen seats up for re-election.

    According to Town Administrator Tom Hale, Georgetown’s police judge, which serves as the de factor mayor, running the meetings and signing contracts — has a two-year term. This year, no one is running to oppose incumbent police judge Matt Skeen.

  • Idaho Springs swears in two police officers

    Two patrol officers were sworn in during the Idaho Springs city council meeting on March 13.

    Officers Brian Collins and Andrew Bustin have begun their duties and say they are excited to be part of the police department.

    Collins, born and raised in Las Vegas, moved to Denver so that his wife could attend law school.

    “We love it here in Denver. We decided we will stay here,” Collins said.

  • City seeks to add tax on marijuana businesses

    Idaho Springs will look to voters in November to approve a 5 percent excise tax on marijuana, so that the city will get the tax dollars rather than Clear Creek County.

    If approved, the excise tax would supersede a similar measure approved by voters for the county in 2016.

    The county would still collect an excise tax in the county and in municipalities without their own excise taxes.

    “So instead of the county getting money from the dispensaries, we would,” said Mayor Mike Hillman at a city work session on March 20.

  • County taking fire-ban restrictions seriously

    District Attorney Bruce Brown is taking a hard line with violators of the county’s fire restrictions.

    “Given the potential loss of property and life — we do think that those deserve an aggressive response,” Brown told Clear Creek commissioners on March 21, “so that people don’t get lax about it, and we don’t ask ourselves later, ‘Why didn’t we take a more aggressive response?’ ”

  • ‘Knowing your priorities’

    EMT and volunteer firefighter Abby Moles knows what it means to be busy — and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Moles has many priorities: working 12-hour shifts as an EMT in Arvada, taking care of two daughters, studying to become a nurse and responding to fires.
    “It’s a lot of knowing your priorities, more so than anything else,” Moles said.

  • Georgetown man dies after skiing accident

    A 35-year-old Georgetown resident died while skiing at Loveland Ski Area on Friday.

    Police are still investigating Cole Barker's cause of death. The Clear Creek Sheriff's Office, which is handling the investigation, suspects that Barker died after hitting a tree. Barker was pronounced dead at the scene. Clear Creek Undersheriff Bruce Snelling said the skier was wearing a helmet.


    New principal named at King-Murphy

    Tony Pascoe has been named the new principal at King-Murphy Elementary School beginning in August.

    Pascoe replaces Joe Majeski, who was hired for one year after previous principal Heidi Lupinacci stepped down for personal reasons.

    He has taught in Fort Carson and Saipan. Most recently, he was an assistant principal at an elementary school in Panama.