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  • Love summits all

    Having a wedding ceremony on a mountaintop; snowboarding to the reception; dancing for the first time as a married couple in ski boots — it’s all par for the slopes for couples who married or renewed their vows at Loveland Ski Area on Valentine’s Day.

    Seventy couples celebrated by participating in Loveland’s 26th annual “Marry Me & Ski For Free Mountaintop Matrimony” ceremony and reception. Fourteen of the 70 couples officially were married, and the remainder renewed their vows.

  • Crime on the upswing in Idaho Springs

    The number of crimes reported in Idaho Springs increased in 2016 in part because the police department has stepped up enforcement and because the community is more trusting of officers, Police Chief Chris Malanka told the city council.

    According to data provided in the department’s annual report, crimes that saw the largest increases included arrests for domestic violence, from 18 to 22; sexual assault, from six to 12; and petty theft, from 51 to 67. Calls involving controlled substances increased from eight to 13.

  • Springs to continue issuing parking permits to Historic District residents

    The city of Idaho Springs will continue issuing permits to residents of the Historic District so they can park in area lots.

    City officials decided to stop issuing permits when they changed two parking lots from 24-hour to 12-hour lots, but Police Chief Chris Malanka said the permits are necessary.

  • Going the extra mile

    The U.S. Postal Service recognized Idaho Springs rural carrier Denise Deese on Friday for driving a million miles on her routes during her 38 years with the post office.

    Juan Munoz, manager of post office operations for Area 2 in Colorado and Wyoming, presented Deese with a plaque recognizing her accomplishment.

    "(This is) very rare. In fact, I have been a senior manager for 10 years, and I've only issued seven (of these)," Munoz said. "It's a rare thing. That's why it is such a big deal."

  • A labor of love

    Lola Barrentine's last name rhymes with Valentine — not that the cheerful 86-year-old needed a reason to give gifts to children on the holiday.

    Last week the senior center resident set two huge bags brimming with toys and stuffed animals on top of her walker and carefully made her way to Carlson Elementary School.

    The longtime county resident first began giving gifts to children as they walked by the senior center in 2015, then decided to take the gifts to them last Christmas.

  • Police in county now equipped with NARCAN to treat opioid overdoses

    Law enforcement officers in Clear Creek are now carrying NARCAN to help people recover from opioid overdoses.

    NARCAN is a nasal spray that contains the drug naloxone, which can be administered to people experiencing heroin or other opioid-related emergencies. Clear Creek is one of 17 counties to carry NARCAN as part of a statewide initiative, according to sheriff's Capt. George Weidler.

    Deputies and police officers from Empire and Georgetown completed training on how to use the nasal spray on Feb. 16.

  • A mighty wind

    Powerful winds Feb. 10 near Georgetown Lake — which may have reached speeds up to 122 mph — toppled a tractor-trailer, closed Interstate 70 and blew out car windows.

    Georgetown City Clerk Jennifer Yobski witnessed firsthand the strength of the gusts that day, thought to be among the strongest winds in recent memory.

    Yobski was in her car near Georgetown Lake and the 22nd Street bridge when she saw the semi blow over.

  • Students escape comfort zones at Lab School

    At the Mount Evans Outdoor Lab School in eastern Clear Creek County, comfort comes in second to the collecting of knowledge and experiences.

    Principal David Epp and program specialist Jason Harding call the week spent by sixth-graders at the Outdoor Lab “the great leveler.”

  • Students’ high-tech projects see how the cookie crumbles at science fair

    Who needs a computer search engine when there’s the Mountain Area Science Fair?

    At this year’s fair recently, attendees could learn about what recipe makes the best chocolate-chip cookie, which water filter works best, whether electricity can be made from lemons, which diaper holds the most water, and whether dogs, cats or humans have the most bacteria in their mouths.

  • Mountain Area Science Fair winners

    2017 Mountain Area Science Fair Results


    Division II  2nd and 3rd Grade


    First place, Avery Zouski, Bergen, “Capillary Action”, second place, Amend Balderas, Parmalee, “Fastest Track”, third place, Benny Vath, Evergreen Country Day School, “Floaty Boaty”, fourth place, Carter Wilson, West Jeff, “Tornado in a Bottle”.