Today's News

  • Clinic building dropped from proposal for health district

    Clear Creek’s county commissioners eliminated a $6.5 million clinic building from a proposal for a health service district in an effort to reduce the amount of property taxes residents would pay, after a Henderson Mine official said the mine would file a lawsuit if it were required to pay an additional tax.

    The commission voted unanimously June 8 to alter the health service district proposal. The county will need 200 signatures to get the revised mill levy, sales tax and health district questions onto the November ballot.

  • Woman in critical condition after rafting accident on Clear Creek

    A woman was in critical condition after a raft on a guided trip overturned in Clear Creek near Dumont on Saturday evening.

    Eight people were rescued from the water by emergency responders and raft company employees, according to the Clear Creek Sheriff’s Office, which said the accident occurred about 6:40 p.m.

    The woman in critical condition was given cardiopulmonary resuscitation and was revived, a news release from the Sheriff’s Office said. She was transported to St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood.

  • Suspect leaps off cliff to elude officers

    A man attempting to flee sheriff’s deputies on June 7 jumped off a 60-foot cliff into a creek along U.S. 40 near Empire and then needed to be rescued after he climbed out.

    The man and a woman were suspects in burglaries at several cabins on Berthoud Pass, according to Clear Creek sheriff’s Capt. George Weidler.

    Both were taken into custody, and the Sheriff’s Office has not released their names.

  • Public-safety call-in service targets those living alone in Clear Creek

    The Clear Creek Sheriff’s Office has created a call-in public-safety service for residents who live alone or in remote areas.

    The SafeCall program is designed for residents, whether in the county or one of its municipalities, to call the sheriff’s dispatch office daily and to check in and get public-safety announcements.

    People enrolled in the program will be asked to call the sheriff’s communications center every day between 6 and 11 a.m.

  • Officers help deliver baby on Floyd Hill

    Law officers helped deliver a baby girl June 9 along a roadside in a Floyd Hill neighborhood.

    Clear Creek sheriff’s Capt. George Weidler said dispatch received a call from a man rushing to a hospital from Floyd Hill with his pregnant wife.

    “She was in the process of delivering a baby,” Weidler said, adding that the man had pulled over to the side of the road.

    Deputy Noah Kowalewski and Idaho Springs police officer Justin Richardson arrived and helped with the delivery.

  • Evergreen Rodeo turns 50 in style

    The Evergreen Rodeo is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a weekend packed with excitement and entertainment Friday through Sunday.  

    “It’s one thing to slap a board on your feet and slide down a mountain; it’s another thing to get on a 2,000-pound bull,” said Evergreen Rodeo Association president Mark Johnson. “This is an extreme sport, so if you want to see athleticism and if you want to see danger, if you want to see unpredictability, it is all wrapped up in about a two-hour rodeo.”

  • Huston the therapy dog is a kid’s best friend

    When he dons his professional countenance, Huston the dog looks a little like the character Eeyore from “Winnie the Pooh.”

    Relaxed, eyes drooping, head slightly bowed and with an elaborate red cape complete with an exaggerated collar, the Rocky Mountain Village Easter Seals Camp therapy dog is ready for work.

  • Local law enforcement set to take on illegal campers

    As summer comes to Clear Creek County, local law enforcement agencies are ready to handle an influx of transients and homeless people moving into or through the area.

    Sheriff Rick Albers said his office will enforce prohibitions on illegal camping, littering and trespassing.

  • $3,500 stolen in burglary at Tommyknocker Brewery

    Idaho Springs police are looking for suspects in a burglary at Tommyknocker Brewery in which $3,500 reportedly was stolen last Friday.

    Police Chief Chris Malanka said entry was gained through an unlocked door after the Miner Street business had closed for the night.

    "It is believed the involved party or parties entered the building through an unlocked door," Malanka said in a written statement. "At the time of the incident, the restaurant’s alarm was not activated based upon information received from management."

  • 'Make My Day' law a factor in probe of fatal shooting, DA says

    Colorado's "Make My Day" law apparently is a consideration in the fatal shooting of an Idaho Springs man on April 10.

    District Attorney Bruce Brown said last Thursday that the "Make My Day" law, which permits the use of deadly force against an intruder, is being factored into the investigation.

    "That's certainly one of the considerations, because Colorado has a law that allows people, within their own home, to use deadly force against others," Brown said.