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  • Polis hears concerns about local issues

    U.S. Rep. Jared Polis listened to Clear Creek High School students, local residents, veterans and officials talk about the Henderson Mine, road construction and the recent influx of transients on Nov. 12 at Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs.

    Polis, D-Colorado, conducted a town hall meeting to get input from residents about issues facing the county.

    Henderson Mine

    Polis listened to concerns about news that the Henderson Mine laid off approximately 80 workers in August and will furlough another 130 in January.

  • County’s Public Works Department scrambling to pay for projects

    Clear Creek County’s Public Works Department, which faces the most significant budget issues of any county department in 2016, is trying to find an extra $173,000 to finish a high-priority list of projects next year, which includes addressing drainage issues on Fall River Road on Ebert Hill and on Guanella Pass.

    In addition to its long list of road maintenance issues, the department for years has put off replacing several pieces of heavy equipment, director Rod Hamilton told county commissioners Nov. 3 at a budget meeting.

  • County municipalities will now have to pay for weed eradication

    Municipalities and other government entities in Clear Creek County likely will have to pay for removal of noxious weeds on rights-of-way starting sometime in 2016, county officials have said.

    The county’s noxious weed management division has covered the cost for the past five years for most towns, and for about 10 years in Georgetown, said county weed supervisor Ted Brown.

    “Basically, what we’re trying to do is get them, the municipalities, to step up to the plate,” Brown said.

  • CDOT to enforce ‘traction law’ this winter

    To prevent winter accidents on Interstate 70, the Colorado Department of Transportation is requiring drivers to have snow tires, four-wheel drive or tires with a snow and mud designation, during poor weather conditions.

    During severe snowstorms, CDOT will also require passenger vehicles to have chains or other traction devices such as Autosock.

    All tires must have at least a one-eighth inch of tread remaining.

  • A lesson in stewardship of our environment

    During the week of Oct. 5, the nonprofit preservation group HistoriCorps converged upon Arapahoe Springs shelter off of the old dirt Squaw Pass Road. Two crew field workers from HistoriCorps, Jonas Landes and Megan Potter, along with a small contingent of local volunteers, spent full days through that weather-filled autumn week to repair and replace roof decking and shingles; replace the deteriorated rafter log; remove graffiti; clean fire-blackened stones; and paint all exposed wood surfaces.

  • Focus on education after Jeffco recall

    The results from the Jefferson Public Schools Board of Education recall were beyond lopsided; they were off the charts. Nearly two-thirds voted to oust the triumvirate, who had been beneficiaries of lavish support from outside money and who sneaked under the radar into power. This time, though, an aware and educated community unceremoniously booted them from their perches.

  • Wild turkeys are thankful they’re not extinct

    (Reprinted from Nov. 26, 2013)

    While we have many things to be thankful for, I think the wild turkeys must be thankful for being alive because these big, beautiful, wild birds came very close to extinction.

    This great American bird was fairly common over much of America and was taken to Europe in the early 16th century where it was domesticated and became a very popular dish. In America, it was also very popular, but there were no domestic turkeys to buy at the market.

  • Potluck Thanksgiving dinner planned Thursday at Elks Lodge

    Local churches are hosting a potluck Thanksgiving dinner at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Idaho Springs Elks Lodge, and organizers hope community members, as well as those in need, will attend.

    Georgetown Clerk Jennifer Yobski, who helped spearhead the event, said this is the first time in recent memory that all area churches are working together on such an effort.

    “(And) putting on a meal for people who either don’t have family around or for people who maybe don’t have a way to cook their own Thanksgiving dinner,” Yobski said.

  • Clear Creek focused on team game

    By Matthew Van Deventer — For the Courant

    EVERGREEN — After a disappointing 2-18 record during the 2014-15 season, Clear Creek’s boys basketball team hopes to turn things around by following the lead of new head coach Jon Onago. 

  • Clear Creek government offices closed

    All Clear Creek County offices and the courthouse were closed at noon Friday due to weather concerns as a storm moved in, according to a news release.

    The offices are scheduled to reopen at their normal times Monday.