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  • Vox

    The monorail mule team
     There is an old  saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.“

  • Life lessons can be rude awakening

    The other day, a friend asked me how I come up with ideas about what to write, and I told her the problem isn’t coming up with them as much as deciding upon one. That’s my pleasant problem this week, so to wit:

  • Vox: A July 4 slap in the face

    A July 4 slap in the face
    This letter is most especially addressed to the man who took the American flags away from my granddaughters at the Georgetown July 4 parade:

  • An imaginary news conference

    “It’s simple: Mark Udall is avoiding an unpopular president,” former state GOP chairman Dick Wadhams told the Denver Post after Sen. Udall chose to stay in Washington to cast votes during President Obama’s visit to Colorado. Hmmm, I thought, imagining a news conference held by Republican nominee Cory Gardner:
     “This is outrageous,” exclaims Gardner. “For Mark Udall to violate a time-honored tradition is simply inexcusable.”

  • Summer melodramas and picnics abound in Dumont area

    Residents of the DLD area are enjoying the nice spring and summer weather. People are working in their yards, planting flowers and cutting the grass that appears to grow overnight, busy painting their buildings, and doing house repairs while they can. It’s nice to see so much worthwhile activity going on.

  • County approves Groove music, arts festival at Shadows Ranch

    The first Groove Music and Arts Festival at Shadows Ranch near Georgetown will be July 18-20 after organizers did some quick legal work that gave county commissioners the required documents, so they could approve the event.

  • Runners delight in downhill Revel Rockies run

    Close to 1,000 people have registered to run the first Revel Rockies half-marathon/marathon on Aug. 17 — a downhill course from Squaw Pass Road east past Red Rocks to Bandimere Speedway.
    Downhill courses are growing in popularity as runners realize they can log “personal best” race times and enjoy great scenery along the way, said Anna Ryan, race director. Revel Rockies also is a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon, Ryan said. It currently costs $104.99 to register for the Revel Rockies marathon and $84.99 for the half-marathon.

  • Sen. Grantham addresses high-speed transit, mining issues

    Sen. Kevin Grantham, R-Cañon City, visited Idaho Springs on July 10 to talk with constituents about issues ranging from the probability of high-speed transit along Interstate 70 to the future of mining.
    Grantham, who met with about a dozen people at the Idaho Springs library, added the county to his district 2011 as part of the newly reformed District 2, replacing the county’s then legislator Sen. Jeanne Nicholson, D-Gilpin County. Clear Creek joined El Paso, Park, Teller and Fremont counties.

  • Marijuana business receives approval from county to produce products

    A marijuana company affiliated with the Mind Body Spirit Wellness 2 shop in Dumont may make and sell marijuana-infused products and hash oil at a retail store in Hidden Valley in the future.
    Puff Edibles and Concentrates, doing business as Venom Wax, received Clear Creek County approval on July 8 to make the products at 2237 County Road 314 in Hidden Valley. The company also must receive state and local approval for a change-of-location application to open in Hidden Valley and make changes to the building to meet building codes.

  • G-town replaces residential water meters

    Georgetown is about to complete its water-meter replacement program, and rather than asking homeowners to foot the $550 installation bill, the town took out a loan and got a grant to cover the cost.
    The town is replacing 660 meters because they were not accurately recording how much water homeowners were using. The town board discussed the issue for two years, trying to determine the best way to foot the cost.