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  • Upgraded weight room worth the wait at Clear Creek High

    When Brian Inman, a Clear Creek High graduate, returned in 2010 to teach physical education and coach the varsity football program, the school weight room’s need for an upgrade was a priority.

    “It was apparent early on that we had a good weight room. We just had a lot of of older equipment,” said Inman, who also coaches the track team and is an assistant ski coach. “We weren’t utilizing the space appropriately. The way that you train athletes and kids today is different than you did 20 years ago, 15 years ago.”

  • Judge hopes to provide senior leadership

    John Judge doesn’t have to look far to see just how valuable the playing experience he gained last season — his first as a starter — was. All he needs to do is look around at practice.

    Jared Cook is gone. So is Jordan Howard. As are Chandler Morgan and Niclas Schoenhof. Those are four players in a six-man rotation that not only worked hard, but the rotation worked quite well. But with just Judge and fellow starter Tommy Wann back in the fold for the 2014-15 season, that experience is unbelievably invaluable.

  • Reflecting on not-so-glorious history

    For the past several months, the world has been confronted with the horror of psychopaths beheading hostages. Decent men and women have decried the subhuman behavior by ISIS, the Islamic State. President Obama condemned the latest of five-to-date executions as “an act of pure evil by a terrorist group.”

    One-hundred-fifty years ago on Nov. 29, 1864, American “soldiers” engaged in a similar atrocity, an act of barbarism that has become known as the Sand Creek Massacre.

  • Planning Commission OKs pot growing in industrial, agricultural zones

    Pot growing should be allowed in the county’s industrial zones, Clear Creek Planning Commission members recommended on a 4-2 vote Wednesday.
    Four industrial zones in the county are located at either end of Idaho Springs, in Dumont and just west of Empire.

  • Currants make a tasty meal for mice and bears

    Beneath the ponderosa pine that grows outside my window is a wax or squaw currant bush, Ribes cereum. This shrub is probably one of the most important plants that grows in the foothills.

  • Snow, migrating birds drift in with front

    There are many who complain that the weather forecasters on television never predict the weather correctly.

    However, they were right on this past week when they predicted that a cold front would arrive on the afternoon of Monday, Nov. 10, and that it would remain for four days.

  • 2014 fall sports all-conference teams

    The following are 2014 all-conference selections for the fall sports season:

  • An inspiration for all

    Cody Marshall isn’t your typical high school athlete. The 126-pound senior is a full-time special needs student. The development of his brain that allows for cognitive thinking past the age of 5 or 6 is non-existent, wrestling coach Stan Gould said.

    Marshall, 18, is also part of an individualized education program that will allow him to stay in school until he’s 21 to achieve the job skills necessary so he can be self-sufficient in the real world. But don’t be fooled. He’s a wrestler at heart, maybe more so than anybody truly realizes.

  • It’s becoming an ennui time of year

    Ennui: I have loved the word since my 11th-grade English class with Mr. Laurence. He was a stickler for vocabulary and was one of the teachers who stirred my imagination most when it comes to language.
    I notice now, especially while doing crossword puzzles, my vocabulary recall slipping. Old age? Or perhaps lack of use? Perhaps both, but for some reason, ennui remains fresh.

  • Planning Commission to consider marijuana grow operations

    Want to have a say about whether you or your neighbor should be allowed to grow pot in Clear Creek County?

    You’ll get your chance at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 19, when the Clear Creek County Planning Commission discusses where  marijuana can be grown in the county, if at all. The public hearing will be at Idaho Springs City Hall, 1711 Miner St.