Today's News

  • Police Blotter: Crime Calls from Oct. 23-29

    • Monday, Oct. 23 — A deputy responded to a call along Patty Drive of a missing juvenile. The juvenile returned home a short time later.

    • Tuesday, Oct. 24 — Idaho Springs police executed a search warrant at a residence along Miner Street. The search was connected to an armed robbery that had occurred earlier in the year. Detectives found narcotics and a firearm that reportedly belonged to the resident, who was arrested and charged.

  • Vox

    Dear Clear Creek County,

    We wanted to take a moment to thank you for the overwhelming support you clearly showed from the Nov. 7 election — namely passing the ballot initiative to help fund the EMS ambulance service in the county.

    Every day, our dedicated EMS team stands ready to assist residents and visitors alike, ensuring they get the best care they can — when they need it. Your vote shows strong support for continuing this life-saving service in our community in these tougher budget times.

  • A rewarding educational system

    When we discuss any kind of issue, be it foreign policy, gun control, economics, taxes — whatever the topic that has any significant bearing on the country — education is at the root. Although culture, the family life and years of thinking a certain way will of course have a major say in the society we live in, the education that we grew up with will always play a role.

  • Supporting KYGT

    Nov. 4 was a big day for Clear Creek. For the first time in nearly two decades, the CCHS Golddiggers got to the football playoffs. They played a gritty, hard-fought game. Though they lost the game, the team — players and coaches — won the day, doing themselves and the Clear Creek community proud.

  • CCHS poms takes second at Frontier League

    DENVER — The Frontier League spirit competition at Sheridan High School may not have gone the way the Clear Creek High School poms team had wanted on Thursday, but one Golddigger still walked away with an individual title.

    Senior Melissa Plett was named Dancer of the Year for the league and brought home a plaque for her hard work and dedication. It was the second straight year she took home the award.

  • Voting is a civic duty

    I remember the ballot card my mother gave me to play with when I was a boy after she had voted at Bellwood School. It was on 3-inch by 6-inch white stock with red and blue print, listing the Democratic candidates she was encouraged to vote for.

  • Moving forward through looking back

    There are forces that move inexorably below the surface of our political awareness only to breech at notable events such as elections. Education with its associated politics is one such force.

  • Clear Creek ski team looking forward to another successful year on the slopes

    Clear Creek skiing has always been a beast on the mountain, but this year, the Golddiggers are looking to improve their standings as they prep for their upcoming season.

    After Conradt Fredell stepped down as head coach earlier this year, Brian Inman is taking over the team. He’s got some lofty goals for his skiers in both the alpine and Nordic competitions as the season approaches.

  • Vox

    Great things happen in our small community!


    Thank you Maria Indrehus, Clear Creek High School and Clear Creek Courant for bringing us the news "Speaking for the Silenced." 

    Reading Jack Adler's story covered by the Courant in last week's front page story gave us all a chance to hear what our students' heard in the school assembly. Nothing could be more important in today's world than to be reminded of the horrors of fascism.

  • Three steps to deal with reality

    Following the recent radical Islamist terrorist attack in New York City, you may have seen pictures of the cover of the ISIS magazine championing a pickup truck as the “best mowing” instrument for causing widespread death and mayhem.