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  • County veterans court moving forward

    Clear Creek County is moving closer to creating its own veterans court.

    County Veterans Services Officer Troy Erickson said the process is about 33 percent done, and he did not estimate when the court that helps military veterans who are defendants find resources would be operational.

  • Muslims answer Georgetown's questions about Islam

    Georgetown residents learned a bit about the Islamic faith, including that the religion believes in peace and women are treated as equals during a presentation April 23 at the Georgetown Heritage Center.

    Members of the Denver Islamic Society gave a presentation and answered questions to dispel misconceptions about Muslims and the religion.

    Mohamed Malki, the society’s president, his wife, Natalie Poe, and colleague Murad Kasym gave a short presentation, and then spent an hour answering questions on a wide range of topics. About 40 people attended.

  • Body found near Highway 103

    The Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of a person found on Saturday, April 8 evening near Highway 103.
    As of Friday, April 14, Under Sheriff Bruce Snelling said that he was still not able to comment on the nature of the death, the person's identity, the specific location or on the details of the on-going investigation.
    This story will be updated as more information is made available.

  • Clear Creek gains experience at state meet

    By Adam Sullivan

    Sports  Editor

    LAKEWOOD — Clear Creek junior Noah Sarria sat near the boys long jump for 30 minutes on Sunday with one thing on his mind.

    It wasn’t his competition in the long jump, it wasn’t his strategy leading into the event. There was one thing on his mind, and it was special.

  • SHARE with your wild neighbors

    By Christie Greene

    She was lying in a shallow ditch, very still, when our dogs spotted her. They sniffed her curiously, and before we could react, one dog gave her a quick lick on the nose before we shooed them away.

    I very slowly approached the tiny elk calf, at first concerned about her condition. Was she hurt? Should I call Parks and Wildlife for help? I agonized that she may even be dead. She was so utterly still. Her body lay in a shallow ditch, her head resting quietly on the path.

  • Weather closes schools

    Clear Creek Schools are closed Thursday due to hazardous road conditions and inclement weather. 

  • A smattering of thoughts, ideas

    Bits, snippets, and ramblings from and on a world gone mad.

    Actually Jim, if you were a “decent person,” you would shut your fat trap about partisan politics and go care for your kid, who just nearly died, you elitist creep. – Charles Hurt, Washington Times

    To clarify: an elitist is a successful liberal, oftentimes an academician, entertainer, commentator or columnist, who speaks his/her mind on social-political issues. A conservative who does likewise is an all-American, Horatio Alger hero.

  • Dysfunctional Courage

    Just when you think that hypocrisy in politics cannot get any worse, out struts former President Barack Hussein Obama to lecture us on courage.

  • Late rally ends Clear Creek’s season

    By Courant Staff

    For five innings it appeared Clear Creek would advance in the 2A state baseball playoffs. Gilpin County had other plans as, the Eagles rallied to defeat Clear Creek 12-8 on Thursday at Sheridan High School in 2A District 7 action.

    The Diggers led Gilpin County 7-3 entering the top of the sixth inning, but the Eagles wouldn’t go down quietly.

  • Diggers’ season ends in heartbreak

    The tears that fell from Diggers head coach Dan Winkler’s eyes were real on Tuesday. His Clear Creek soccer team had just been upset 1-0 by Rocky Mountain Lutheran in the 2A state playoffs. The loss while heartbreaking in many regards was worse for Winkler, as it marked his final game as head coach for CCHS.