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  • Fire Authority accepted free ski passes from Loveland for 2013-14

    The Clear Creek Fire Authority received three complimentary ski passes from Loveland Ski Area for the 2013-14 ski season, according to John Sellers, a resort spokesman.

    Fire Authority officials purchased four corporate ski passes for the 2014-15 ski season, Sellers said. Sellers said he did not have information about possible free ski passes given to the fire department prior to 2013.

  • Mount Evans Scenic Byway to be closed until late July

    You won't be able to beat the summer heat by toodling along the Mount Evans Scenic Byway until the end of July.

    While the highest paved road in North America typically opens on the Friday before Memorial Day, it will be closed this year until late July, according to a press statement from the Colorado Department of Transportation. No specific date has been announced for the road to open.

  • Clear Creek closed to recreation in Jefferson County

    Clear Creek flowing through in Jefferson County is "still running ferociously fast and high" and is closed to most activities until further notice, said Mark Techmeyer, a Jeffco sheriff's spokesman.

    People with personal inner tubes, belly boats and small rafts are not allowed to go in the creek, according to an announcement by the Jeffco Sheriff's Office and the Golden Police Department. Swimmers and "body surfers" also are not allowed in the creek, the announcement said.

  • Home sales rebounding in Clear Creek County

    It might not be as crazy as Denver, but the residential home market in Clear Creek County has bounced back, area Realtors say.

    “In the mountain communities, the market is good,” said Kevin O’Malley, a Realtor and a former county commissioner. “Like everywhere else in this area, there is not quite enough inventory.”

  • Wade finds a calling in rodeo

    By Matthew Van Deventer
    For the Courant

    DUMONT — The rodeo runs blood deep. It is not for the weak-hearted and knows no age, race or injury. You ride or you don’t.

  • Shirley faces his roughest ride

    It’s 1 a.m. on Dec. 21 as Tim Shirley goes to bed at his in-laws’ home in Hartsel after a whirlwind trip to Oklahoma to pick up a recently purchased truck. His wife, Mindy, didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary the next morning as Tim snored away, undoubtedly exhausted from his travels.

  • County needs a Henderson-closure czarina

    Besides specific actions we need to take to move forward given the closing of the Henderson Mine, there are at least two broader lessons we can glean from this experience, especially in conjunction with the probable expansion of Interstate 70 to Empire Junction: We’re on our own, and it presents immense opportunity.

    It’s empowering to operate from a sense of independence. Clear Creek should no longer feel dependent upon the Colorado Department of Transportation and Vail Resorts for the opportunity to service travelers.

  • June’s showers bring July’s mariposa lilies

    There is an old saying in this area: “When it rains in June, the mariposa lilies will bloom in July.” Well, it certainly has rained in June, so now we can look forward to seeing mariposa lilies in July.

  • Businesses still irked over I-70 construction

    Idaho Springs retailers and restaurants are unhappy about the untold number of customers they have lost in recent months to Interstate 70 construction.

    But Colorado Department of Transportation officials say the worst will be over by early July. Most of the lane closures causing backups around Idaho Springs are related to work that’s almost finished on two bridges over the interstate, they say.

  • Clear Creek rafting companies riding high

    Folks who love to ride the rapids in Clear Creek haven’t had this much fun in years.

    Heavy rains and snowmelt on high have led to a big boost in business at rafting companies in Clear Creek County in recent weeks. Water levels in Clear Creek are running 25 to 30 percent higher this year than last year at the same time, said Brandon Gonski, general manager at AVA Rafting.