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  • Snowberries make an appearance despite little snow

    (Reprinted from Dec. 5, 2012)

    This has been an exceptionally warm, dry fall. We often have nice weather on Thanksgiving, but to have 60-degree days in December is unusual. Moist air coming in from the Pacific Ocean has soaked the West Coast with rain.

    It may reach here by the time this is published, and as it hits the higher mountains, it may well turn to snow. However, that still remains uncertain.

  • Golddiggers looking to right the ship

    When you’ve won just three games combined the past two seasons — going 3-37 to be exact — and 1-19 a year ago in John Onago’s first year at the helm, there wouldn’t seem to be much in the way of optimism. That’s not what Clear Creek’s boys’ basketball is thinking, however.

  • Lady Diggers eyeing continued success

    It’s been a couple of seasons since a group of four seniors — Anna Schwecke, Kaela Kalabany, Katie Vieweg and Claire Werlin — paved the way for Clear Creek’s girls’ basketball program to reach the Sweet 16 of the 2A tournament field. But more than what they did on the scoreboard, that group laid the foundation for this year’s junior class.

  • Vox

    Trump didn’t win; Clinton lost


    There are those who think nature is cruel and unfair in that it chooses winners and losers. It is to these thinkers I direct this letter.

    It is a fact that most brutal regimes spring from the classical left, and it is simple to comprehend why: Over time, the left is very susceptible to emotion and rarely accepts contrary facts to its belief systems. What they feel is truth is indeed truth to them. 

  • Americans should be involved in government

    I wrapped up last week’s column with a commitment to write this week about “active citizenry in the age of Trump.” That got me to thinking: Why should active citizenry be more essential now than at another time?

    True, the threat to our constitutional order is imminent. Nonetheless, good and true citizens should constantly be engaged. The operating word is “should.”

  • Squirrels, catbirds are among area’s autumn visitors

    (Reprinted from Nov. 11, 2010)

    There has been very little new at the feeder this week. This is because it is empty most of the time. The maintenance man here at Elk Run is very kind and he tries to keep it up and filled. However, some critter or critters seem to knock it down as fast as he can put it up. Since I hope to be going home in about 10 days, it is not worth the expense of an elaborate pulley system, so I must give up even though the birds bring me much joy.

  • Vox

    Not all Trump supporters can be stereotyped


    I was pleased to see the headline on Jerry Fabyanic’s Nov. 16 opinion column piece — at least at first: “Trump presidency will do, in democracy.” “Hurrah!” I thought. “Jerry is finally admitting in print that there are people (lots) in America who disagree with his world view and still have a right to be heard!”

  • America is great despite new administration

    It’s Thanksgiving 2016, and I’m searching for that for which to offer thanks. Personally, there’s an abundance, but it’s offset by angst I continue to experience for our country. I hate that feeling. Two weeks since, and I’m still unable to come to grips with the reality of 60 million Americans voting for a self-admitted sexual predator, a financial con man and an unstable dude to be their president. So much for their collective wisdom and family values.


  • Brown creepers have habit of climbing trees in spiral pattern

    (Reprinted from Nov. 26, 2008)

    Many people have asked recently about a little brown mottled bird with a white breast and a curved beak that they have seen circling around the trunks of their trees. The bird is a brown creeper, a fairly common resident in our woodlands. Why they have become so obvious recently probably has several causes.

  • Team Evergreen gives $180,000 to nonprofits in 2016

    Team Evergreen Cycling, sponsor of the popular Triple Bypass, has donated $180,000 this year to about 40 national, state and local charities and bicycling advocacy groups.

    Executive director Jennifer Barbour said Team Evergreen has given $2 million to nonprofits over the past 17 years from funds raised at the Triple Bypass and other events. While some are national- or state-based nonprofits, many of the beneficiaries are based in Evergreen, Conifer and Clear Creek County, she said.