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  • Vox

    More commercial development

    won’t solve county revenue loss


    I read with interest Bob Poirot’s letter regarding the future of Clear Creek County and replacing revenues lost from the Henderson Mine. I consider Bob a friend, and while I know he cares about our county, I think his suggestion to broadly increase development everywhere possible is misguided.

  • It’s hard to compare counties’ tax rates

    In his Jan. 20 letter, Tim Wheeler states that I suggested he fabricated his mill-levy figures. In fact, in my Jan. 13 column, I wrote his claim was “unsubstantiated,” which is considerably different. In a serious debate, it is critical to use accurate language not only to facilitate the understanding of the observers but also to lend credibility to the debater’s position.

  • Voting rights should be sacrosanct

    It would be fair to state that our Founders were not exactly egalitarian democrats, at least in terms of how we define democracy today. Yes, they wrote the Constitution that begins with the seemingly all-inclusive phrase “We the people” and signed the Declaration of Independence that proclaims that “all men are created equal.”

  • Hegmann Funeral Service gets new owners

    After 15 years in business, Hegmann Funeral Service in Idaho Springs has new owners.

    Leadville residents Shannon Kent and wife Staci recently purchased the funeral home from Chris Hegmann.

    The Kents operate funeral homes in Leadville and Silverthorne. The business will be called Hegmann Kent Funeral Home. Shannon Kent is also the Lake County coroner.

    For his part, Hegmann, who started the business in 2001, plans to stay in the community and pursue his interest of going into ministry and celebrant services, providing funeral services.

  • Volunteers of America wheel and deal Meals on Wheels

    With dark, early-morning shadows still clinging to the buildings in Idaho Springs, a handful of people crowd into the small kitchen, roll up their sleeves and get to work.

    Today’s menu consists of barbecued country-style pork ribs, succotash, cornbread and peach cobbler.

    Employees and volunteers cook, clean, organize and prepare for the Volunteers of America Meals on Wheels program in the Project Support Senior Center on Miner Street.

  • Quick Hits

    Clear Creek girls on a roll

    Clear Creek’s girls basketball team ran its winning streak to three games with victories over Denver Science & Tech Stapleton, 44-16, and St. Mary’s Academy, 37-22, last week. Sophomores Samantha O’Brien (10 points) and Rachel Lucas (11 points) led the way for the Golddiggers’ win over St. Mary’s Academy. Sophomore Grace Werlin had a game-high 16 points in the win over DSST.

  • Davies heading to Australia this summer

    By Brian Miller — For the Courant

    EVERGREEN — Wes Davies’ freshman year has been anything but typical.

    A three-sport athlete at Clear Creek High School, Davies capped his fall by running cross country and qualifying for his first state meet. This winter he is spending his time on the slopes with the ski team, and in the spring he’ll compete for the Golddiggers’ track and field program.

  • January brings new beginnings, longer days

    (Reprinted from Jan. 16, 2013)

    Janus was the god of new beginnings and doorways and gates. The early Greek and Roman people had two replicas of Janus hung at every city gate, one looking in each direction to protect them from their enemies from the outside as well as those within.

  • Democracy threatened by infighting

    What I found interesting at the State of the Union address last week in addition to what President Obama had to say were the visuals. On the dais behind Obama sat Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. They provided a study in contrasts: Biden upbeat and engaged; Ryan dour and disconnected. One optimistic; the other doubtful, even pessimistic. You would have thought the opposite would have been true given their ages, a spread wide enough to be father and son.

    A picture worth more than a thousand words.

  • An education in helping others

    Seven Clear Creek High School students are just $50 away from sending a third girl living in a developing nation to high school.

    The Clear Creek chapter of She’s the First was founded this academic year with the goal of raising money to send underprivileged girls to school.

    The chapter’s members have taken to that effort with gusto.