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  • Getting the most out of the new archive library

    Alisha Hill

  • Maybe CDOT should focus on I-25 instead

    It is written that it’s never too late to find religion, to drink the Kool-Aid, to swoon and cry out in exultation, “I believe!”  When one is raised Catholic, mea culpa, which translates to “my bad,” is indelibly etched onto one’s psyche.
    Having the minimal life that I have, which is to say not having one, I keep giving this Interstate 70 expansion craze way more thought than sanity permits. Color me crazy.

  • CCHS cross country stays strong thanks to the Davies

    By Alissa Noe

    There’s no denying that Clear Creek High School cross country has been dominant all season long, but with the Davies siblings ready to roll, they’re even more lethal.

    Although the season is still young for the Golddiggers, with just five meets under their belts — including their own meet on Sept. 12 — they’ve shown incredible strength in both the boys and the girls teams.

    And that’s with a weakened roster, as two of the boys are out for now with a knee injury and bronchitis.

  • Golddiggers bury Bulldogs in closest victory of season

    By Seth Kahn

    It was a packed Golddigger Stadium as all of Idaho Springs was in the house Friday night, it seemed, for Clear Creek High School’s homecoming game against the Bulldogs of Byers High School. The Golddiggers entered the contest 2-0, having beaten their opponents by an average score of 35-plus points, and continued their success against the 0-2 Bulldogs with an easy 38-14 victory.

  • Rule of law vs. rule of like

    Most of us of a certain age are well acquainted with the admonition to avoid religion and politics as topics of polite discussion. While many erroneously assume that this advice is intended primarily to avoid confrontations, I suspect that it is sound counsel for a couple other reasons.

  • Climate change is costing our country

    But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. – Matt. 19:14 (KJV)

    Nice sentiment, but sorry Big Guy, it’s not the way it is in the US of A. It’s more, “Let the little children suffer and forbid them to stay, for such is the America we’re making GREAT again.”

    So, OK, the United States is not the kingdom of heaven on earth. Nor very Christian in practice. It never really was. Unless human bondage and ethnic cleansing have become part of the Christian canon.

  • Golddigger volleyball easily sweeps Kent Denver

    By Alissa Noe

    ENGLEWOOD — There’s something different about this year’s Clear Creek High School volleyball team. Be it the senior-heavy roster or the heightened level of confidence, but one thing’s for sure: this Golddiggers team has what it takes to make some noise in league play this season.

    On Thursday night at Kent Denver School, the Golddiggers’ match against the Sun Devils spurred the perfect metaphor for their season thus far after bouncing back from a competitive first game to sweep Kent, 3-0.

  • The Inmans are CCHS’s newest power couple

    By Alissa Noe

    For the past eight years, Clear Creek High School’s football coach Brian Inman has been the big man on campus. Now, with his wife Dana taking over the poms team as a first-time coach, they’re the power couple behind the school’s home football games this year.

    Although the Golddiggers made it official when they hired Dana to take over the program at the beginning of the season, football games have long been family affairs for the Inmans, ever since Brian began coaching 21 years ago.

  • Golddiggers dominate PCHS Husky Invitational

    By Alissa Noe

    BAILEY — Aside from a small lightning delay to start the cross country meet, the Platte Canyon Husky Invitational on Thursday went off without a hitch as visiting Clear Creek High School stole the show, for the most part.

    Overall, the Golddiggers fared well as the girls took first place in the meet, with the boys right behind them in second place. Their top runner on each team, senior Samantha O’Brien and junior Wes Davies, both finished second in their respective races.

  • India—A Key to our Security

    As both the Democrat and the Republican opposition to President Trump continues its assault on his presidency, very little attention has been paid to a very important and insightful foreign policy speech.