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  • County negotiating to buy 55 acres at Shadows Ranch

    County officials are negotiating to buy about 55 acres of the Shadows Ranch property for $600,000, possibly to be used for a greenway trail, according to county documents.

    County Open Space funds would be used to purchase the parcel at 1259 Alvarado Road near Interstate 70, said Martha Tableman, director of the county Open Space Department. A total of 59 acres appears to be for sale, based on a sign posted at the property. The 2015 county budget lists about $1.6 million in collected Open Space funds, which come a voter-approved property tax.

  • Clear Creek County buying Shadows Ranch

    Clear Creek County is paying $600,000 to buy Shadows Ranch — a 5-acre property near Interstate 70 west of Idaho Springs that has been used for music festivals in the past two years.

  • Funds still being sought for monorail study

    Supporters still are searching for funding to study the potential economic benefits of a proposed monorail in the Interstate 70 mountain corridor.

    The estimated $100,000 study could someday be used to sell the $15 billion monorail project to voters.

    Officials at the Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce recently declined to give money to the study, said Laura Giocomo, a spokeswoman for the Denver chamber. A study by the Denver chamber done several years ago showed big benefits stretching from the I-70 mountain corridor to the entire state.

  • Transfer station boosting charge for taking old TVs, computer monitors

    If you want to get rid of that old TV or computer monitor, the price to do so at the Clear Creek County transfer station is going up to 45 cents per pound from the current 25 cents per pound.

    That's because the transfer station's cost to dispose of cathode ray tubes with Denver materials recyclers also has gone up to 45 cents per pound, according to a memo from Bob Tiedemann, the transfer station manager. Tiedemann plans to pass that cost on to customers, after getting the go-ahead recently from the Clear Creek's county commissioners.

  • County needs 'sister ski area,' commissioner says

    Clear Creek County needs a “sister ski area” in Europe, County Commissioner Phil Buckland said recently.

    Such a partner ski area — potentially St. Moritz in Switzerland, or a resort similar in size — could help lure more international visitors to the county, Buckland said. Many cities across the United States have adopted “sister cities” around the world of about the same size for economic and cultural relations.

  • Gardner needs to show political maturity

    Sen. Cory Gardner needs to explain to his Colorado constituency why he signed Sen. Tom Cotton’s letter to the Iranian leadership. Not only was the letter detrimental to the interests of the United States, it also has cast a chill on his ability to work with President Obama and his Democratic Senate colleagues.

  • Woodpeckers make appearance at area feeders

    Today brought both a hairy and downy woodpecker to the feeder outside my window. Although it is not a suet feeder, the black-oil sunflower seeds that were in the mixed seeds at the feeder seemed to meet their needs. The hairy and downy woodpeckers are often confused because they are similarly patterned, black-and-white woodpeckers, but they are very different in size.

    Both birds are found widely spread across America, very much alike except in the Pacific Northwest, where the white on the birds are not a clean pure white but is instead more grayish-brownish white.

  • Springs set to take over Colorado Boulevard

    Idaho Springs will take over maintenance duties for Colorado Boulevard from the state next month as part of an agreement paving the way for a $21.9 million reconstruction of the street.

    The city council passed two resolutions March 16 that will become part of an intergovernmental agreement between Idaho Springs and the Colorado Department of Transportation that removes Colorado Boulevard from the the list of state-maintained roads.

  • Stanfield trial delayed until October

    The jury trial for Idaho Springs resident Haley Stanfield has been delayed until Oct. 7 so the district attorney’s office can combine two cases against her into one.

    Stanfield has been charged in connection with the death of her 1-year-old son, Logan Borchik, and in a murder-for-hire plot in which, police allege, she tried to persuade her late son’s father to kill her boyfriend, Joshua Olsen.

  • Becker’s constituents rail about I-70 construction delays

    By Ian Neligh

    Courant Editor

    At a town hall meeting last week, a handful of county residents told state Rep. KC Becker they were frustrated with construction projects along Interstate 70.

    They also voiced concern that a stop is not planned in Clear Creek County on a new bus route from Glenwood Springs to Denver, while Becker told them about initiatives she’s working on.

    Becker, D-Boulder, met with constituents at the Idaho Springs Library on March 26.

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