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  • PAC Rugby program raising funds to send team to Ireland

    By Craig Harper
    For the Courant

    Hugh Miller has never backed down from a challenge since he relocated to the Bailey/Conifer area in 1999. A social studies teacher at Platte Canyon High School, Miller brought with him a strong background in rugby, which he used to found Bailey Youth Rugby.

  • Diggers fighting the numbers game

    Stan Gould doesn’t have to mince his words. He can look around at wrestling practice and can tell that this year’s Clear Creek team is bare. 

    The numbers validate that. But it’s not the size of the team that will identify the Golddiggers in 2016-17, but the impact on the mat of those on the squad.

  • Brown creepers have habit of climbing trees in spiral pattern

    (Reprinted from Nov. 26, 2008)

    Many people have asked recently about a little brown mottled bird with a white breast and a curved beak that they have seen circling around the trunks of their trees. The bird is a brown creeper, a fairly common resident in our woodlands. Why they have become so obvious recently probably has several causes.

  • I-70 reopens after 20-vehicle accident near Floyd Hill

    All lanes of Interstate 70 were reopened late Thursday afternoon near Floyd Hill after a 20-car pileup had closed both sides of the highway earlier.

    Evergreen Fire/Rescue reported on Twitter that the highway had reopened about 4:40 p.m.

    State Patrol Trooper Josh Lewis confirmed that at least 20 vehicles were involved in the accident, and at least two people were transported to the hospital. Lewis said he did not know the extent of their injuries, but he was not aware of any serious or life-threatening injuries.

  • Sheep a big attraction at annual festival in Georgetown

    Two bighorn sheep out for a stroll on Saturday above Georgetown had found a shady spot to enjoy some lunch. But their quiet reverie was interrupted by flashes of light reflecting off binoculars, spotting scopes and camera lenses.

    Those crazy humans were at it again, turning the relaxing afternoon into a spectator sport — with the bighorns as targets.

    Such was the scene Saturday, as locals and visitors alike took part in the ninth annual Bighorn Sheep Festival.

  • Trio of Evergreen High swimmers headed south for college

    Since they were 7 years old, Kate McDonald, Katelyn Kenchel and Kara Coughlin have been swimming together. They’ve been part of a journey together. College will take them in a different direction, but one more time they were brought together to embrace their future.

  • CCHS poms team feeling the beat

    Arms out, left foot forward, a spin to the left that was later altered to one to the right. The practice repetitions are aplenty. 

    Over and over again, the eight team members of the Clear Creek poms squad — there are nine total, but one was sidelined — go over the routine.

  • Vox

    Thoughts on the election


    We are writing on Wednesday, Nov. 9. We are very happy. The candidate we supported for almost two years is now president-elect. We are part of the “common folk.” We knew people wanted a better economy, more opportunities, not more elitism, not more racism or gender bias.

  • Trump presidency will do in democracy

    “Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

    — John Donne,

    “Devotions on Emergent Occasions, Meditation 17”

    In one fell swoop, we’ve repealed the Constitution and done in democracy. In their places, an autocrat empowered by a consortium of chamber of commerce types, feckless conservatives, dutiful Republicans, political careerists, seething low-wage earners and rubes, an assortment of racists, misogynists and xenophobes.

  • Veteran a member ‘of the brethren’

    Brett Dhieux believes in helping those who have served.

    On Veterans Day, Dhieux stood outside the United Center in Idaho Springs greeting the small crowd filing into pews for the annual ceremony.

    Dhieux is a patrol deputy with the Clear Creek Sheriff’s Office, a former firefighter and a veteran of the Persian Gulf War.

    Dhieux’s grandfather and uncle served in the Navy, and in 1987 he decided that if he was going to join up, then it had better be the Navy as well.