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  • Life lessons can be rude awakening

    The other day, a friend asked me how I come up with ideas about what to write, and I told her the problem isn’t coming up with them as much as deciding upon one. That’s my pleasant problem this week, so to wit:

  • Remains of missing hikers found on Mount Evans

    Two bodies found last Thursday on Mount Evans were those of two hikers from Minnesota who went missing in April, a Clear Creek County sheriff’s officer has confirmed.

  • Work begins on I-70 peak-period shoulder lane

    Work started July 16 near Empire to build a $49 million “peak-period shoulder lane” on Interstate 70.

    The 13-mile-long shoulder lane — which will become a temporary express toll lane during busy traffic periods — is slated to be complete in fall 2015. While toll prices have not been announced publicly, they’ll fluctuate upward when traffic volume rises, according to Colorado Department of Transportation officials. Prices could range between $2 and $15 for travel in the toll lane, according to CDOT study information.

  • Vox: A July 4 slap in the face

    A July 4 slap in the face
    This letter is most especially addressed to the man who took the American flags away from my granddaughters at the Georgetown July 4 parade:

  • An imaginary news conference

    “It’s simple: Mark Udall is avoiding an unpopular president,” former state GOP chairman Dick Wadhams told the Denver Post after Sen. Udall chose to stay in Washington to cast votes during President Obama’s visit to Colorado. Hmmm, I thought, imagining a news conference held by Republican nominee Cory Gardner:
     “This is outrageous,” exclaims Gardner. “For Mark Udall to violate a time-honored tradition is simply inexcusable.”

  • Not afraid of hard work

    In some of the most beautiful country in Colorado, volunteers worked in the shadow of Mount Bierstadt on July 13 to repair and strengthen the iconic destination’s well-worn trail.

    Many of those working at the event were young adults, who brought wood and gravel to spots along a 6-mile segment of the trail. The event was coordinated by Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, a nonprofit that promotes citizens becoming stewards of the state’s resources.

  • Column: Early risers embrace Triple Bypass challenge

     It’s 5:45 a.m. on Saturday morning as I struggle to get up, get dressed and meander my way up to Bergen Park to catch a few last-minute riders and event officials. Who would think that there would be a scattering of cars working their way up into the mountains so early for a weekend getaway, much less cyclists who’ve already been on the road for nearly two hours for the first of two days of the Triple Bypass.

  • Ride holds special meaning for San Fran cyclist

    This year’s Triple Bypass was a special one for Travis Retzer. It not only was the 40-year-old San Francisco-area rider’s first Triple, but it also holds a meaning closer to his heart.

    He was going to ride it with his dad, Jim, who got him started in cycling more than 10 years ago. It was his father who started him out riding century (100 mile) rides. But last Oct. 29, at the age of 65, Jim unexpectedly passed away. A planned family vacation, including a visit to Yellowstone National Park, was now a memorial ride in honor of his late father.

  • Evergreen resident Weiner repeats at Freedom Run 5K

    By Craig Harper
    For the Courant
    Bob Weiner is someone you don’t want to run into if you’re on the wrong side of the law in Jefferson County and someone you don’t want to run against in the Freedom Run 5K.

  • Partially blind brothers see finish line first

    GEORGETOWN — J.J. Ricket cherry-picks which courses he runs. The 20-year-old Bakerville resident sort of has to because he’s partially blind. But the Georgetown Fourth of July 5K is a tradition, and Ricket’s vision for success in this race is almost a foregone conclusion.
    The 2012 Broomfield High School graduate won the race again, finishing in a time of 17 minutes, 55 seconds. He didn’t quite match last year’s pace of 17:44, but it will do.