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  • Triple Bypass cyclists 'make the best' of ride's cancellation

    Despite the Triple Bypass being canceled, cyclists took to the asphalt Saturday morning, taking voluntary rides with professional cyclists to Mount Evans, Guanella Pass and other parts of the mountain area. Throughout the afternoon, cyclists returned to Buchanan Park to enjoy this year’s Triple Fest.

  • Dancing to the Fiddler’s Tune

    A cab driver in Washington, D.C., perfectly summed up recently the dysfunction that is our current governmental state of affairs. “It is an investigation for obstruction of justice for a crime that never was committed.” What was up is now down, what was down in now up, and in the meantime, the folks we elected to lead this country are providing glowing examples of just what leadership is not.

  • History is repeating itself

    Satire is art, serious and complex. As it pokes fun at powerful people, institutions and movements, it serves as commentary as important and powerful, when done well, as the best op-eds.

    I define satire as the art of seeing through hypocrisies of bloviating egotists, pompous blowhards and righteous moralists, and producing pithy lines that incisively cut through their flimflam. In short, it’s humorous invective.

  • I-70 traffic snarled by semi-truck fire

    Rescuers responded to a semi-truck fire near Georgetown on Thursday. The truck was in the eastbound lane of I-70. Fire was spotted coming from the truck's cab. Colorado State Patrol said no one was injured in the blaze. 
    For the full story see this week's Courant.

  • A dangerous veneer

    It can be very challenging trying to intellectually discuss something with someone who, despite a personal claim to the contrary, actually knows very little concerning the subject matter. When encountering such a situation, it is sometimes helpful to present two contrasting extremes. The hope is that by presenting extremes, a more educated insight will be the result.

  • It’s OK to laugh a little

    I confess I enjoy democracy immensely. It is incomparably idiotic, and hence incomparably amusing. – H.L. Mencken

    Okay, fellow libs, get a grip and get out of your funk. Yes, I know. Donald Trump is hawking the good ol’ USA to the Russians, Jon Ossoff got whomped in the Georgia special election, making that zero for five in steal attempts of those insanely red seats, and the ACA might be toast.

  • A close shave it wasn’t

    By Craig Harper
    For the Courant

    GEORGETOWN — Although it didn’t look like much, Ryan Herzog couldn’t wait to say farewell to his beard after winning his second Slacker Half Marathon on Saturday.

    A resident of Superior, the 37-year-old Herzog had sported varying degrees of facial growth for more than three years, a stretch when he went winless in road races.

  • Vox Pop

    Thanks for lesson on critical thinking
    Thank you, John Riddell, for your excellent column on critical thinking and its absence in much of today’s education system. 

  • Attack, attack, attack

    If there were any doubts, they no longer exist. The term currently being bantered about is “silent coup,” and it refers to the virtual nonstop assault on the Trump administration aimed at obstructing any and all policies. The leaders of this are none other than the inhabitants of the deep state, those Obama appointed, still employed government operatives ably assisted by the Democratic Party and the media elites and their organizations. One political pundit described it as a political street fight. So far, this street fight has definitely been one sided.

  • This is our new normal

    Once again, a too-common modern American tale. Something deranged Americans have in common with global terrorists: violence to the point of death as the way to address one’s anger. One wonders whether such proclivity results from one snapping or a slow-brewing process fueled by an inner, brooding, deep-seated anger. Does it matter? The outcome is the same.