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  • Fact or theory?

    In my experience there are often two black-and-white reactions to conspiracy theories — those who listen to the theories and laugh, and those who adamantly believe them to be true. There are still the few who will listen to both sides of the argument and even do some independent research, and those are the individuals for whom I hold great respect.

    In fact, often times these theories seem to be held together by some kind of evidence, even if it's just the size of a mustard seed, and actually wading through this evidence can be rather difficult at times.

  • Is taxation a necessary evil?

    Alisha Hill

  • How do we save us from ourselves?

    There are times I miss the classroom. Last week was one. The Great American Eclipse taking place in the middle of a school day was a boon for Colorado teachers. I can imagine the excitement on their students’ faces, especially on the I’m-cool, cynical ones who panned the event and taunted fellow students as geeks until they donned geek glasses and beheld something vastly greater than they.

  • CCHS girls poised to make another state run

    By Alissa Noe

    After making waves in last year’s Colorado State Spirit competition, the Clear Creek High School Golddigger poms team is ready to work harder than ever before to get back to the state championship this year.

    In 2016, the Golddiggers finished runner-up in the statewide 2A competition, falling a mere 8.8 points behind Vail Christian for the title. This year, however, they’ll be making another run under the tutelage of first-year head coach Dana Inman.

  • Mount Evans draws spectators to get a glimpse at the solar eclipse

    As the moon began its slow journey over the sun, murmurs of excitement echoed across Mount Evans.
    “It looks like somebody took a bite out of the sun,” said David Pierce, 8, from his perch atop a rock.
    David and his family traveled to Mount Evans from Denver to watch Monday’s solar eclipse and held signs reading “eclipse or bust.”
    “We’re here looking for the lizard man,” said Marty, another member of the Pierce family.

  • Vox

    Standing up to hatred


    Several hundred people of color live in Clear Creek County,

    and if I were in that 8 percent of our county population, I would

    be scared at the rise of white nationalist thugs like those in

    Charlottesville. I would want my community members to speak in

    opposition to hatred and violence.

    Well, I’m white, and I’m scared too. But I will stand up with and

    for people of all colors against racism, hatred and violence. I pledge

  • Violent, Hate-filled, and Illegal

    Whether it is hatred leading to violence or violence leading to hatred, neither can be countenanced by a society with any pretensions toward civility.

    For any society, such as ours, founded on the principles of law, such violations of legal rights cannot be condoned. While there is no denying the viability of justifiable anger, this does not allow for the violation of another’s legal rights.

  • Equating slavery with Nazi death camps

    The war being over . . . and the questions at issue . . . having been decided, I believe it to be the duty of everyone to unite in the restoration of the country, and the re-establishment of peace and harmony.

    — Robert E. Lee

    The general’s words were promptly ignored by those who idolized him. Instead, a campaign formed to instill in the American mythos a revisionist version of the South and Civil War, an image projected by Margaret Mitchell in “Gone with the Wind.”

  • Mission accomplished: Georgetown woman finishes building tiny house

    It wasn’t easy but more than a year and $30,000 later, Georgetown resident Jillian Kirschke finished building her dream tiny house.

    With almost no experience, the 32-year-old designed her home from scratch, learning everything she needed along the way.

    “It’s been a challenge to say the least,” Kirschke said. “I think whoever coined the phrase ‘blood, sweat and tears’ must have built a tiny house by themselves with no experience.”

  • News briefs

    County celebrating K-Goat Week

    It’s K-Goat Radio Week in Clear Creek County.

    Both the Idaho Springs City Council and the Clear Creek County commissioner made the designation to recognize KYGT-FM for being on the air more than 20 years. Aug. 20 was National Radio Day.