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  • Redshirt year could pay dividends for Schwecke

    The way that Anna Schwecke saw it, redshirting her first year with the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs women’s basketball team wasn’t a bad option. If anything, it was a good idea just to get used to the pace of the college game.

    “I thought it was beneficial to me,” the 2015 Clear Creek High School graduate said.

  • Vox

    ATV access would help the county


    I love to ride my ATV responsibly in the area, and Clear Creek County has so much to share. My friends and I love the area, and after our ride, we stop in Georgetown or Idaho Springs to shop and eat.

    We always try to support the local businesses in the area. This is something the community needs to help keep the economy vibrant; however, we have seen where some locals are aggressively trying to keep any “outsiders” out.

  • Parties’ platforms are a stark contrast

    The audacity of hope. America in 2016. Dare one hold a hopeful, trusting, embracing outlook in the Age of Anxiety? Or is it requisite to be down-in-the-mouth, a naysaying prophet of doom who holds that we, the American people, are not up to the task of resolving what ails us?

  • Three hikers rescued over the weekend

    A dramatic helicopter rescue was among the responses as three injured hikers were evacuated from trails in Clear Creek County over the weekend.

    No critical injuries were reported among the three people rescued on Friday and Saturday, said Dawn Wilson, spokeswoman for the Alpine Rescue Team.

    On Friday, a man and a woman were hiking and climbing on Kelso Ridge near Torreys Peak when they fell “quite a distance,” Wilson said.

  • Rocky Mountain Warrior offers healthy, fun time

    Jason Brown examined the steep climb up the 10 ½-foot wall, but this time it was different. This time, he had 8-year-old Sylvie Guerrant on his back.

    It wasn’t as if Brown was out to prove anything to himself. He’s done the climb time and again. After all he’s been a two-time American Ninja Warrior series competitor ­— in 2012 in Dallas and this year in Oklahoma City.

  • Cordilleran flycatchers have little luck with nesting spots

    (Reprinted from July 28, 2010)

    Although spring migration has long been over, we had a bit of excitement in the yard this week.

    The house wrens have long been nesting in a swallow box on the supporting post of the front porch. In fact, they are feeding young. Although it is supposed to be a swallow box, the swallows have never had a chance to use it because the wrens arrive earlier and have already taken it over. They usually have eggs in the box by the time the violet-green swallows arrive. That was the case this year.

  • Vox

    County cuts need management


    The recent county order to department heads to make 10 percent cuts per year in response to the closing of the Henderson Mine, which will cause a loss of 70 percent of the county’s property-tax revenue, is a good start.

    But 10 percent across-the-board cuts is not real management. It does not set overall priorities on spending or differentiate departments that perform well from those that do not.

  • Republican Party platform a regression

    A political revolution has happened, but not as Bernie Sanders imagined. By nominating Donald Trump as its standard bearer, the Republican Party has finalized its self-destruction as the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. Exit stage right: the GOP. In with the MUP: the Party of Mean and Ugly.

  • County, Idaho Springs seeking GOCO money for greenway

    County open space and Greenway Authority officials are courting Great Outdoors Colorado for $2 million in grant funding on the eve of Thursday’s soft opening of a portion of the Peak to Plains Trail.

    The county and the authority, working on behalf of the city of Idaho Springs, are hoping to receive the funding in October to construct the planned greenway trail through the city and to add onto the open space trail east of town.

  • Firefighters douse one-acre blaze

    Firefighters extinguished the county’s first wildfire of the season south of Dumont on Saturday, a blaze that was caused by a lightning strike near Ute Creek Road.

    Fire Authority Chief Kelly Babeon said the blaze started about 2 p.m. on a ridge above the road and burned about an acre.

    A single-engine air tanker from Fort Collins dropped fire retardant on the blaze. Evergreen Fire/Rescue, the Central City Fire Department and a 20-person wildland firefighting crew from Minnesota provided assistance.