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  • Newspapers are under attack from all directions

    It was in the early 1980s — I was a mere child — when I first started thumbing through the daily newspaper. I immediately flipped to the sports pages and then usually the comics or vice-versa.
    I walked to the nearby 7-Eleven weekly and brought neighboring papers — the Washington Post or the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch, to name a few — just so I could thumb through their coverage and clip out advertisements to save for my own personal collection.

  • Government and business

    Nicole Byerley

  • Visionaries create change

    Deniers can have their say, but scientific and technological advances never stop. Human progress in the full array of fields is inevitable.
    Progressive thinkers by nature push forward into unexplored terrain, while conservative-minded serve as our mothers, warning us before venturing forth to pull on our galoshes, wear clean underwear and look both ways before crossing.
    John Haas, my most-admired professor, was a visionary. He encouraged his students to think outside the box, not to be constricted by or restricted to the ways of before.

  • Idaho Springs woman arrested in shooting

    An Idaho Springs woman was arrested in connection with the shooting of her boyfriend on April 7.

    Brandy Powell, 30, was arrested by the Idaho Springs Police Department after allegedly shooting the victim with a shotgun at their residence at 215 Colorado Blvd.

    Powell has been charged with second-degree assault with a deadly weapon and reckless endangerment. She is in county jail with bond set at $150,000. Her arraignment is scheduled for today.

  • Arming teachers opens Pandora’s box

    “If it’s my responsibility to shoot someone to protect 25 others, I will have been drafted unwillingly into an ideological army to protect the rights of some civilians to own and operate military-style weapons. And I will not be conscripted.”
    teacher Victoria Barrett
    Indianapolis, Ind.

    To those who see the world as a two-camp, good-versus-evil dichotomy, arming teachers is a fast, easy way to address gun violence in our schools. The problem is it “ain’t” that simple.

  • Mental health and the millennial

    “My name is Blurryface, and I care what you think.”
    — Twenty One Pilots

    Alisha Hill

  • With four sports, Zabel found her passion

    It seems like Sydney Zabel can do it all.

    In following suit with much of this year’s exceptional senior class at Clear Creek High School, Zabel has learned to juggle four sports with a high grade-point average and participates in multiple clubs.

    Most notably, Zabel helped make history this year for the girls basketball team just a few weeks ago. Prior to this season, no Golddigger basketball team, boys or girls, had ever made it past the Sweet 16 regional round.

  • I took the red pill

    Nicole Byerley

  • Commissioner election can be uplifting

    It can be downright depressing. We’re realizing the most dangerous threat to our privacy comes not from Big Bro but Big Corp. Orwellian ventures mining not for gold as did Clear Creek’s first white guys but for personal data.

  • Christine Sarria found passion in track-and-field competition

    Heading into last track season, nobody knew who Clear Creek’s Christine Sarria was.

    Not anymore.

    Following her first ever track season at any level, Sarria, then a freshman, didn’t qualify in state for one event. She qualified for four.

    Now everybody in the track community knows who the sophomore phenom is.