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  • Ambulance service celebrates 45 years

    Clear Creek County EMS is celebrating its 45th year of serving the community this week.
    In recognition of that achievement, Clear Creek County commissioners on May 16 designated this week as Emergency Medical Services Week to honor more than four decades of saving lives.
    “We have an amazing team of professionals who are completely dedicated to this community because this is our family we’re taking care of every day,” said chief paramedic Nicolena Johnson in a statement.  

  • Zombie 5K to provide twist on festivities

    Nothing inspires an invigorating bout of running for your life like being chased by a horde of ravenous cannibalistic undead.
    This quite correct presumption was the brainchild of Clear Creek Girl Scout Troop 65521. The troop developed the June 10 Georgetown Zombie 5K to help raise money to buy day passes at the Clear Creek rec center for families unable to afford them.

  • Permanent forest ranger requested

    The lack of manpower in the Clear Creek Ranger District is a major concern for the county, Clear Creek commissioners told U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s representative on May 16.
    Commissioners expressed their apprehension over recent federal Forest Service hiring freezes to Andrew Dunkley, regional director for the senator.
    Former district ranger Penny Wu left the position more than a year ago to pursue other opportunities, and her position has since been temporarily filled by two acting district rangers.

  • Vet Connect program looks to identify military

    Identifying veterans in Clear Creek County is a key component to creating an effective veterans court, District Attorney Bruce Brown told county commissioners on May 15.
    The DA’s office is working to identify veterans, and Clear Creek veterans resource officer Troy Erickson is continuing to connect veterans with resources, he said.
    “I would say that this was something that was wanted by a lot of people, including the commissioners and the veterans coalition,” Brown said.

  • Clear Creek gains experience at state meet

    By Adam Sullivan

    Sports  Editor

    LAKEWOOD — Clear Creek junior Noah Sarria sat near the boys long jump for 30 minutes on Sunday with one thing on his mind.

    It wasn’t his competition in the long jump, it wasn’t his strategy leading into the event. There was one thing on his mind, and it was special.

  • Argo Mine reopens after nearly 75 years

    After being closed to the public for nearly 75 years, Idaho Springs’ Argo Tunnel has reopened.

    Hundreds of people turned out to the Argo Gold Mill & Tunnel on May 17 to see the ceremonial ribbon cutting, put on red hardhats and walk down the 200-foot stretch of cold stone.

    At the end was a bulkhead, which resembled a bank vault door that held back more than 2 million gallons of water. Written upside down in permanent marker on the bulkhead was “Do not open.”

  • Community hosts second annual prom for senior citizens

    As Josh Turner’s “Your Man” played over the speakers, a female senior got up and asked one of the young men who were volunteering to dance. Swirling around several other couples, she taught him how to do a basic box step.

    Regardless of age, dancing experience or whether they knew their partner or not, the attendees at the prom for seniors were having a good time on the dance floor.

  • SHARE with your wild neighbors

    By Christie Greene

    She was lying in a shallow ditch, very still, when our dogs spotted her. They sniffed her curiously, and before we could react, one dog gave her a quick lick on the nose before we shooed them away.

    I very slowly approached the tiny elk calf, at first concerned about her condition. Was she hurt? Should I call Parks and Wildlife for help? I agonized that she may even be dead. She was so utterly still. Her body lay in a shallow ditch, her head resting quietly on the path.

  • Clear Creek Boosters hope to build a multipurpose room at CCHS

    The Clear Creek Booster Club hopes this will finally be the year it will build a multipurpose room onto the high school.

    The proposed 42-foot by 42-foot steel building would become the wrestling team’s practice room, and it also would be used by other teams, according to athletic director Dave Schuessler.

  • Celebrating 10 years

    Warm rays of sunshine, a light breeze and the rush of Clear Creek fashioned the perfect backdrop Saturday for the sixth annual Canine on the Creek 5K.

    As more than 100 competitors lined up near the trail outside Charlie’s Place, waiting for the race to begin, Stacey Todd, programs manager with Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District, welcomed the crowd.