• In his classic novel “The Scarlet Letter,” Nathaniel Hawthorne portrays a heroic woman in Hester Prynne, who is forced to bear a mark of shame by wearing a red A, meaning Adulteress, on her bosom. Hester, though, refuses to accept that judgment, not by refusing to wear it but by wearing it nobly. She embroiders it with gold thread and walks with her head high despite being ostracized by the tongue-wagging, judging Puritan society.

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    Dear Clear Creek County,

    We wanted to take a moment to thank you for the overwhelming support you clearly showed from the Nov. 7 election — namely passing the ballot initiative to help fund the EMS ambulance service in the county.

    Every day, our dedicated EMS team stands ready to assist residents and visitors alike, ensuring they get the best care they can — when they need it. Your vote shows strong support for continuing this life-saving service in our community in these tougher budget times.

  • When we discuss any kind of issue, be it foreign policy, gun control, economics, taxes — whatever the topic that has any significant bearing on the country — education is at the root. Although culture, the family life and years of thinking a certain way will of course have a major say in the society we live in, the education that we grew up with will always play a role.

  • Nov. 4 was a big day for Clear Creek. For the first time in nearly two decades, the CCHS Golddiggers got to the football playoffs. They played a gritty, hard-fought game. Though they lost the game, the team — players and coaches — won the day, doing themselves and the Clear Creek community proud.

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    Great things happen in our small community!


    Thank you Maria Indrehus, Clear Creek High School and Clear Creek Courant for bringing us the news "Speaking for the Silenced." 

    Reading Jack Adler's story covered by the Courant in last week's front page story gave us all a chance to hear what our students' heard in the school assembly. Nothing could be more important in today's world than to be reminded of the horrors of fascism.

  • This week I find myself in Phoenix on a much-needed journey to see some family. Being here in this city sparks a lot of thought about city people and small town people, the different dynamics involved and how we in many ways think and act differently.

  • Having a just political system that represents the opinions of the majority of the public and protects our fundamental rights is about as much as anyone in this country wants.

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    Anglican church in Idaho Springs getting a facelift


    Idaho Springs has been getting a lot of face lifting recently. The western end of Colorado Boulevard looks great, but the infrastructure work and paving getting it there has been very slow, disruptive and costly.

  • Having a just political system that represents the opinions of the majority of the public and protects our fundamental rights is about as much as anyone in this country wants.

  • Pop quiz:

    • Name the three branches of government.

    • List the rights enumerated in the First Amendment.

    • Which amendment guarantees equal protection under the law?

    • What does suffrage mean?

    • True or False: The Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist.

    • What is Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” about and an allegory for?

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    Vote ‘yes’ on ballot issue 1A


    Please join me with your vote of yes on the increase of sales tax by .65 percent in Clear Creek County. This increase will help fund the ambulance emergency services. This is not a partisan political issue; this is a common sense Clear Creek County isse.

    Clear Creek residents pay only a small part of the total sales tax. Let us allow the people passing through our county help pay for this service. Many of them use this service long Interstate 70.

  • Contrary to what many talking heads would have you believe, this is not the most divided partisan and electorate in the history of the country. It is, however, I believe, the most divided and partisan in recent memory.

  • Last week, I began to explore tribalism as what essayist Andrew Sullivan calls, “our default human experience.” We’re born into tribes, choose tribes, feel stronger attachment to some and rationalize our association with others. No wonder we’re basket cases. It’s not a simple thing.

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    Kudos to those who organized silent parade


    Thank you for the article on the 9/11 Silent Parade and Ceremony honoring our community's first responders of all types. I'd like to add that county Veteran Service Officer Troy Erickson was the prime organizer of the event with help from Clear Creek County Veterans Coalition members Pastor Bill Robertson, John Bryan and Tina Matthew. 

    The Q House boys should also be recognized for their work of setup and take-down of the stage area.

    Phil North

  • Both of my wonderful parents loved camping, and I grew up spending much of my time in the back of a canoe and in the wilderness to my great fortune.

    Although I haven't had the opportunity to camp in recent years, my childhood was rich with experiences that taught me an appreciation for nature, and how we can and are meant to coexist with it. This kind of harmony can be incredible, and I believe that nature truly is where the human heart belongs.

  • Thou canst not say I did it. Never shake Thy gory locks at me. “Macbeth” (III, iv, 50)

    Macbeth is seeing the ghost of Banquo who was murdered by Macbeth’s paid assassins. That scene is the play’s climax, the point when Macbeth’s fate is sealed.

  • I think that it is a pretty safe bet to assume that some readers of this column attended a religious service this past weekend. Whether Jewish, Roman Catholic, Episcopalian or even Kurt Vonnegut’s Church of God of the Totally Indifferent, all of these denominations have one thing in common: None advocated for the overthrow of the U.S. government supported by a move to a state religion.

  • Most of us of a certain age are well acquainted with the admonition to avoid religion and politics as topics of polite discussion. While many erroneously assume that this advice is intended primarily to avoid confrontations, I suspect that it is sound counsel for a couple other reasons.

  • But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. – Matt. 19:14 (KJV)

    Nice sentiment, but sorry Big Guy, it’s not the way it is in the US of A. It’s more, “Let the little children suffer and forbid them to stay, for such is the America we’re making GREAT again.”

    So, OK, the United States is not the kingdom of heaven on earth. Nor very Christian in practice. It never really was. Unless human bondage and ethnic cleansing have become part of the Christian canon.

  • As both the Democrat and the Republican opposition to President Trump continues its assault on his presidency, very little attention has been paid to a very important and insightful foreign policy speech.