• It seems inconceivable that scammers would target current and former military service members who most deserve our respect and appreciation. Surely, as decent Americans, we all hope that no one even thinks about ripping off elderly and disabled veterans. In some cases, we would be wrong. 

  • Recently at the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, I toured Air Force One Tail No. 27000, which is a Boeing 707 that was in service during Reagan’s presidency. It was a fascinating tour in that it was a humble jet with four seats across separated by an aisle. 

    The media seating area was the last part of the jet in the very back. I was reminded of Reagan’s policy to make the media pay “full fare plus one dollar” for every seat. 

  •  As a student living on Chicago’s south side in the early 1990s, I understood that the beginning of spring brought not only warmer days, but the sound of gunfire at night. Sometimes it would be the single shot from a handgun, and occasionally it would be the “pop-pop-pop” of a semi-automatic weapon. 

  •  Sorry, Todd Helton. You acted unwisely when you drove your vehicle while under the influence and will need to pay the consequences, which you will do most willingly. 

    That makes you human. 

    Thank you, though, for accepting responsibility rather than copping a superstar attitude like so many others in America’s pantheon of gods, heroes and lovable monsters.

  •  “Where my people lack vision, they perish” is a proverb from the Old Testament. How true for a political party as well.

    Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in beautiful Simi Valley, Calif. For me, this has been a few years in the planning. As you know, I admire Reagan for all he did for America. But, what did he really do for us? For you ’60s music fans, remember that “Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man; that he didn’t, didn’t already have.” 

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    Second Amendment should be repealed or modified


    The gun control debate is missing the one most important fact: Repeal or modification of the Second Amendment is what is needed.

  • The president gave his State of the Union address last week. As a good citizen, I suppose I should’ve watched, but I couldn’t find the time. Actually, I could’ve, but I chose not to.

    The next day’s headline blared something about if he wants to secure his legacy, he needs to act quickly. I thought about that and wondered whether Abraham Lincoln fretted about his legacy. 

  • Last week, an election took place in Clear Creek County. Yes, you missed it, but I will bring you the details. The election was for the chair, vice chair and secretary positions within the Clear Creek Republican Party. 

  •  I want to share with you an insider’s opinion about a race that is brewing as we speak. This race is important for Republicans, Democrats and the unaffiliated alike. It is for the heart and soul of the GOP in Colorado and therefore deserves our attention. 

  • The state legislature seems poised to pass a bill enacting civil unions — marriage lite — for couples gay or straight. It would’ve done so last year were it not for Republicans in charge of the house, squashing it first with procedural tricks, then outright power. In the end, it likely cost them their majority, having been relegated to minority status in the November election.

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     Sturdy wagon wheels needed


    Under the able direction of Phyllis Adams, manager of historical sites and facilities, work on the old Civil War cannon is forging ahead. 

    The short-term goals are to alleviate safety issues and improve the appearance of the relic in anticipation of the upcoming tourist visits. To achieve these goals, replacement wheels are urgently needed for the cannon.

  •  “It’s Groundhog Day, again.” That is one of my favorite lines from the movie “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray. The movie is set in Punxsutawney, Pa., with a self-absorbed weatherman, Phil Connors, reporting on his least favorite subject, Groundhog Day, from his least favorite place.

  •  We’ve all heard the news that women will now be allowed to serve in combat. But, what are the realities about this change in policy, and how will it affect our local veterans in the future? 

    The Pentagon announced that women would be permitted in jobs closer to combat, however, a year-long review ordered by Congress may minimize many of the changes down the road. 

  • While there might be debate as to the order of the Bill of Rights — Did James Madison prioritize them? — for our purpose, it is striking to note the Second Amendment, which is about the need for a strong militia bearing arms, comes long before the Eighth Amendment that declares cruel and unusual punishment taboo. 

  •  Call him an aggressive progressive. In his full-throated declaration of progressive values in his inauguration speech, President Barack Obama eloquently states the case for modern liberalism. No apologies here.

    Obama draws upon advances made throughout history to make the case that our ascent has been an ongoing progression from the notion that the status quo is good enough.

    He emphasizes it was “together” we moved forward and only together can we keep building that “perfect union.”

  •  Twenty years as a volunteer firefighter in Idaho Springs didn’t define the life of Irv Krueger, who died earlier this month, but those two decades of formal service and countless days of service since his retirement made our community much richer and safer.

  •  A forest fire raged on one side of a mighty river. At the river’s edge were a scorpion and a fox. They both faced imminent death. The scorpion said, “I can’t swim. Please let me ride on your back to safety on the other side.”

    The fox replied, “No. For surely we will get halfway across the river, you will sting me and we will both die.”

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    Editor’s note:Because part of the Evergreen Fire Protection District lies in Clear Creek County, both sides of the current controversy over construction of a fire training building in Bergen Park have asked that opinions on the issue, and on the current effort to recall the district’s board members, appear in the Courant.


    Those opposed to training building

    in Bergen Park are selfish, misguided


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     Sylvia Brockner’s bird pudding recipe


    I must say that I look forward to Sylvia Brockner’s informative and charming articles and illustrations. She has opened my eyes to nature and the animals that live around me. 

    When Sylvia mentioned bird pudding in a recent Courant issue, I wanted her recipe. Thanks to editor Ian Neligh and contributing editor Deb Hurley Brobst and, of course, Sylvia, I can give it a try. Here is her recipe:

    2 parts beef fat, melted

  •  Are we still #UnitedInOrange?  was half laughing myself silly when the game ended the evening of Jan. 12. 

    You see, my deadline for submitting articles to Ian is Saturday morning. So, I get the opportunity to speak on anything up to that time, and it looks brilliant. That is, until the Broncos lost miserably against the dreaded Ravens. 

    Well, at least now you know that uniting “for” one particular thing is just as flawed as uniting “against” another.