• Wishing you a “Merry Christmas” is not politically correct these days. However, the holiday we celebrate on Dec. 25 each year is the birth of Christ, and Americans have created many traditions around it.  I am a Christian who believes in the message of this holy season and the goodwill that accompanies it.

  • This past February I wrote about the looming conversion from analog to digital of TV signals and the implications it has for us in terms of our old sets.

    The conversion takes place two months from today: Feb. 17, 2009.

    In terms of the impact the conversion will have on the environment, the time is not only nigh but critical: TV sets along with computers, monitors, cell phones and other electrical devices contain highly toxic materials including lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, phosphorous, lithium and polycarbons.

  • The county school district is faced with the problem of too many buildings and too few students. In several recent articles in the Courant, it was noted that student numbers are decreasing, the school district budget is stretched to breaking, there is a successful charter school in Georgetown, and a task force was appointed to look at whether or not we should consolidate our students into fewer buildings.

  • “Adapt, migrate or die.” That is a line one AP biology teacher delivers to her students to give them a firm understanding of the upcoming challenges they will face in her class.

    A Clear Creek School District version of that directive is that, given so many have migrated, we are facing the choice of adapting, with the potential of evolving into something greater, or descending into mediocrity for years to come — the equivalent of academic suicide.

  • Open space not interested in acquiring lake property


  • All I need to know about journalism, I learned in Clear Creek County.

    Robert Fulghum said in his famous book “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” that “wisdom was not at the top of the graduate-school mountain, but there in the sandpile ...”

    As journalists, there is only so much we can learn in school; our field is much more a trade than an art. For me, it wasn’t until Clear Creek that I learned the true power of this medium, and for that, I am forever grateful.

    I learned:

  • OK, I have to admit I have had a hidden agenda in working to get Barack Obama elected president: the restoration of pointy-headed intellectuals to a status of respect.

    Based on his performance and acumen, Obama can be ranked among the most intellectually brilliant individuals elected to our highest office. With all due respect to Bill Clinton, he is arguably the brainiest in the last generation or two.

    Now that doesn’t mean the other presidents were dummies, for one does not get to that level by being a dolt.

  • Thanks to our veterans


    Idaho Springs City Park … 11 a.m … a small group gathers near the flagpole … U.S., Colorado and the black MIA flags fly … beautiful day in the park … and a handful to say thanks … a few more than a handful.

  • Today begins the final days of the George W. Bush presidency and perhaps the beginning of the end of eight years of political hell.

    The image of the arrogant boors in Florida taunting Gore supporters in December 2000 shouting, “Get over it! You lost!” as if it what was being decided were an athletic contest, has been seared into my consciousness.

    That boorish mentality, reflective of fans who curse refs and opponents and spill beer on fans in front of them, is what guided Bush from the get-go. You’re with us or against us.

  • “Conservative,” I suggested.

    “I know that,” smiled Joe Soccer Dad. “I find it ironic, however, that the term is still often defined in bland terms.

    “Barry Goldwater laid out in Conscience of a Conservative the bedrock principles of conservatism as he saw them. Then two years ago, John Dean, Nixon’s Watergate lawyer and a good friend of Goldwater, came out with Conservatives Without Conscience, which he was co-writing with Goldwater before the senator died. In it he encapsulates the failure of conservatism.”