en Focus on education after Jeffco recall <p> The results from the Jefferson Public Schools Board of Education recall were beyond lopsided; they were off the charts. Nearly two-thirds voted to oust the triumvirate, who had been beneficiaries of lavish support from outside money and who sneaked under the radar into power. This time, though, an aware and educated community unceremoniously booted them from their perches.</p> A lesson in stewardship of our environment <p> During the week of Oct. 5, the nonprofit preservation group HistoriCorps converged upon Arapahoe Springs shelter off of the old dirt Squaw Pass Road. Two crew field workers from HistoriCorps, Jonas Landes and Megan Potter, along with a small contingent of local volunteers, spent full days through that weather-filled autumn week to repair and replace roof decking and shingles; replace the deteriorated rafter log; remove graffiti; clean fire-blackened stones; and paint all exposed wood surfaces.</p> Henderson Mine closure is personal, too <p> The impending Henderson Mine closure is not surprising in the sense that it&rsquo;s part of every extraction industry&rsquo;s boom-bust cycle. Minerals and other deposits &mdash; oil, gold or molybdenum &mdash; are finite. Every oil well goes dry; every mine plays out.</p> <p> On the one hand, the closing will provide opportunity for redevelopment that will reap incredible benefits to the Clear Creek community. Entrepreneurial and visionary types are licking their chops.</p> Ideas to help public keep tabs on boards <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> More than likely if you are reading this column, you are an American citizen. And as such, given ours is a participatory democracy, it requires your active engagement. Being fed up, angry, uninformed or disinterested gives no American a pass when it comes to being an engaged and educated citizen.</p> Keeping our public boards public <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> It has been interesting for me to observe the unfolding of the drama being played out in the library district, not only as a concerned citizen and taxpayer but also as the former leader of my teachers association. It was during that period I witnessed firsthand the havoc created in people&rsquo;s lives as a result of administrators&rsquo; cavalier attitudes toward them.</p> Library district exhibits dysfunction <p> Succinctly put, the library district is on the hot seat. As controversy swirls in the wake of Sue Lathrop&rsquo;s termination of longtime John Tomay Library director John Ewers, the district&rsquo;s governance board, one of a number that oversee two libraries, seems determined to stand behind Lathrop.</p> VOX POP <p> <strong>Vote to make Idaho Springs city clerk, treasurer positions appointed</strong></p> <p> Editor:</p> <p> Regarding the question on the ballot for Idaho Springs voters asking to make the city clerk and city treasurer positions appointed, I would like to speak as a former Idaho Springs city clerk and an &ldquo;insider&rdquo; to this issue and encourage a yes vote for both.</p> Voting ideas for the November ballot <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> Understandably, our attention is becoming focused if not riveted on the 2016 presidential campaign. Interest is soaring, wonderfully so given the stakes, but before we get too immersed in that drama, we have unfinished citizen business in 2015.</p> <p> More than likely you have received your election ballot in the mail. If not, please contact Clerk and Recorder Pam Phipps at the county courthouse.</p> <p> Countywide, there are two questions that demand our attention, and in Georgetown and Idaho Springs, several others.</p>