en Dysfunctional Courage <p> Just when you think that hypocrisy in politics cannot get any worse, out struts former President Barack Hussein Obama to lecture us on courage.</p> A smattering of thoughts, ideas <p> Bits, snippets, and ramblings from and on a world gone mad.</p> <p> Actually Jim, if you were a &ldquo;decent person,&rdquo; you would shut your fat trap about partisan politics and go care for your kid, who just nearly died, you elitist creep. &ndash; Charles Hurt, Washington Times</p> <p> To clarify: an elitist is a successful liberal, oftentimes an academician, entertainer, commentator or columnist, who speaks his/her mind on social-political issues. A conservative who does likewise is an all-American, Horatio Alger hero.</p> Health-care law shows higher moral values <p> As the vote to deprive millions access to health care reached its apex, a group of congressional Democrats began taunting their Republican colleagues by chanting &ldquo;hey, hey, good-bye,&rdquo; meaning &ldquo;See you in November 2018.&rdquo;</p> Lied to — again <p> While I previously touched on the topic of fiscal responsibility, in conversations with a number of folks, it becomes embarrassingly obvious that the numbers in play, regarding the federal government&rsquo;s spending, have absolutely no connection with the average American.</p> Vox <p> <strong>Protect your letter carrier from dog attacks</strong></p> <p> Editor:</p> <p> Last year, Postal Service employees were victimized by 6,755 dog attacks nationwide.</p> <p> Every one of these incidents had the potential for serious injury of our employee. There is also possible liability for the dog owner for the victim&rsquo;s pain, suffering and medical expenses.</p> The reality of ‘from each to each’ <p> In my initial column, I brought up two issues that I believe define today&rsquo;s political battlefield. The first is Alexander Hamilton&rsquo;s insight that opinions form the basis of all politics. The second is my personal belief regarding the difference between liberal/progressives and conservatives when it comes to spending one&rsquo;s personal earnings. &nbsp;<br /> Adversity creates more public involvement <p> In a recent Denver Post column, former Denver Broncos star and Post columnist Reggie Rivers wrote about why, after being reached out to by the Post, he decided not to return on a regular basis.<br /> Vox Pop <p> <strong>Hooked on the &lsquo;White House Show&rsquo;<br /> Editor:</strong><br /> Stop me before I surf Trump on the Internet again. I am hooked on the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. reality show.<br /> &nbsp;Never in my life have I paid this much attention to what the president does, and I was never a fan of soap operas before. Every day I have had to get my Trump fix, rooting for the villain&rsquo;s next screw up, which is actually good because Trump&rsquo;s screw ups so far have served to hinder him from accomplishing his agenda of bad deals.<br />