Chicago resident identified as Clear Creek rafter

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The man died after an accident on June 3

By Ian Neligh

A Chicago-area resident died in a rafting-related accident on June 3 in Clear Creek Canyon.

Andrew Budd, 31, was on a boat with AVA Rafting when he fell into the water.

“He fell out of the boat. He wasn’t in the water long,” said Clear Creek Sheriff Rick Albers. “They pulled him in and immediately started CPR on the shore and called for rescue.”

Albers said Clear Creek EMS was also unsuccessful in reviving Budd.

There have been at least five other rafting-related deaths since 2009, including three in 2015. That year a man died after apparently falling out of a raft on Clear Creek near the “Dizzy Lizzy,” a class 3 rapid east of Idaho Springs. Another man died after falling into the water while on a commercial rafting trip, and a woman drowned in a rafting accident on Clear Creek.

In 2014, a 41-year-old man on a rafting trip with his wife and daughter died after he fell into Clear Creek east of Idaho Springs

In 2009, a Georgetown resident died when his inflatable kayak tipped over in Clear Creek, also east of Idaho Springs.