The Inmans are CCHS’s newest power couple

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Dana just took over as the new poms coach

By Alissa Noe

For the past eight years, Clear Creek High School’s football coach Brian Inman has been the big man on campus. Now, with his wife Dana taking over the poms team as a first-time coach, they’re the power couple behind the school’s home football games this year.

Although the Golddiggers made it official when they hired Dana to take over the program at the beginning of the season, football games have long been family affairs for the Inmans, ever since Brian began coaching 21 years ago.

“When my oldest daughter (Angellina) was 4, she started cheering with the cheerleaders at the school I taught and coached at in Virginia,” Brian said. “We’ve got pictures of her in a cheerleading outfit when she was 4 years old, running around and not knowing what she was doing, just waving a pom-pom and having a good time.”

From the start, Dana shared Angellina’s love of poms, even at the expense of watching her husband’s team perform on the field during games.

“(Dana) would like to come to the football games ever since I started coaching just to watch the cheerleaders and the poms,” Brian said. “She wouldn’t know really if we won or lost, but she would tell me about how great the poms performances were. She was like, ‘Oh, did you see the poms?’ And I would say, ‘No, I was in talking to the boys at halftime.’”

Back then, however, Dana said her love of poms was nothing new. Those early football games just reinforced it.

“I’ve always — my entire life, since I was 16 years old — been involved in physical fitness and dance and aerobics, you name it,” Dana said. “Any fitness trend that came out, I went out and got my certification in it.”

Dana’s hiring couldn’t have come at a better time for the family or for the program because Angellina is finishing up her senior year with the poms program at CCHS. Angellina, for her part, said she couldn’t have been more excited when her mom first got the coaching job.

“I’m super excited for it to start,” Angellina said. “I keep coming up with ideas, like I went over our dance and was like, ‘What should we fix? What should we make better next year?’ I’m doing stuff like that already.”

While Brian has already made a name for himself with the school’s athletics program, Dana hopes she’s right behind him as she makes her impact with the poms team.

“Most people haven’t even put it together that we’re married,” she said. “That’s how I feel. I’m like a nobody compared to him.”

Even though it’s still early in her coaching career, Dana has her mind set on the CCHS athletics program’s future, one she hopes to build alongside her husband.

Together, they hope to make football games at CCHS an unforgettable experience.