Mountain Area Science Fair 2014 winners

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By The Staff

 Winners at the Mountain Area Science Fair, which was held Saturday at Evergreen Country Day School.


Second and third grades



1st place, James Aldrich, Parachute Power, Bergen

2nd place, Taylor Lozowick, Row, Row, Tow your Boat, Wilmot

3rd place, Joshua Clapp, Floating Balloons, Parmalee

4th place, Tori Field, Far Flying, Evergreen Country Day School



1st Place, Brandon Stup, Pinto Bean Germination, Bergen

2nd place, Maddie Potter, Totally Terrific Temperatures, Parmalee

3rd place Amy O’Connell, How Flowers Eat, Ralston

4th place, Nicole Mills, Plants and Music, West Jeff



1st place, Calvin Fuller-Keany, Frozen, Parmalee

2nd place, Blakeley Reynolds, Sugar Bubbles, Evergreen Country Day School

3rd place, Benjamin Harrison, Glow Power, West Jeff

4th place, Ashley Pool, Which Freezes Faster, Bergen


Earth / Environmental 

1st place, Cody Jacobson, 3,2,1…IMPACT, Parmalee

2nd place, Blake Wickham, Is Your Water Well?, West Jeff

3rd place, Natalia Semenova, Holding Water, Evergreen Country Day School

4th place, Sean Fleck, Slish Slosh Slish, Bergen


Electricity / Magnetism

1st place, Logan Gaber, Conductivity, Wilmot

2nd place, Andrew Weiland, Electric Fruits, Bergen

3rd place, Navin Federico, Which Metal Conducts Electricity Best?, Marshdale

4th place, Ryan Sontag, The Brilliance of Magnetism, Parmalee


Health / Human Body

1st place, Emma O’Connell, Fruit Digestive Enzymes, Ralston

2nd place, Shane Wickham, Fun in the Sun, West Jeff

3rd place, Hannah Provalenko, Who Nose Best, Bergen

4th place, Audrey Kram, Does Smell Affect Taste?, Parmalee


Material Science

1st place, Zac Trefethen, Which Paper Towel is Best, Marshdale

2nd place Josh Frye, My Lunch is COOLER than Yours, Parmalee

3rd place, Cade Schurman,, Long Lasting Bubble Gum Flavor, Ralston

4th place, Ellie Hornfeck, Snnow vs. Ice, West Jeff



1st place, Noah Hartmann, Hand Sanitizer, Marshdale

2nd place, Joseph Monseu, Mold Growth in Different Temperatures, Georgetown

3rd place, Jesse Stiller, Which Soap Cleans Best? Bergen

4th, Kira Starick, Germs at Work, Ralston



1st place, Jameson Mott, Protect Your Package, Bergen

2nd place, Ava Warren, Does Surface Affect Speed, Georgetown

3rd place, Maddox Lee, Hard Boiled or Raw, Ralston

4th place, Arthur Daley, Stretch it, Evergreen Country Day School



1st place, Kaiya Paul, Which is the Strongest Paper Structure, Marshdale

2nd place, Leo Ritchie, Wood with Numbers, Evergreen Country Day School

3rd place, Kayleigh Vaningen, Will Wood Bend or Break?, West Jeff

4th place, Simon Giesing, Bridge Designs, Bergen


1st place, Danielle Kelly, Hungry Hamsters, Ralston

2nd place, Jameson Kust, Tunneling Through Dirt, Evergreen Country Day School

3rd place, Naden Gibson, Cricket Choice, Parmalee

4th place, Finlay Graves, Does My Dog have a Favorite Treat?, Marshdale


Fourth through sixth grades



1st place, Jake Williams, Winglets, Ralston

2nd place, Megan Fritz, Let it Fly, Let it Fly, Parmalee

3rd place, Luke Schiffers, Balloon Rocket, Marshdale

4th place, Megan Esterl, Floating Egg, Wilmot



1st place, Ben Stompor, Microwaves, Ralston

2nd place, Greta Fleck, Size, Taste, Spoil, Bergen

3rd place, Abibail Sundquist, What Amount of Sugar?, Marshdale

4th place, Jordan Vanni, Apple Allelopathy!, West Jeff



1st place, Taryn Perkins, A Salt on Ice, Ralston

2nd place, Cully Lindquist, Electricity from Liquid, Bergen

3rd place, Isabelle Matthews, Which Liquid Dissolves Life Savers Fastest?, Wilmot

4th place, Julianna Hood, Rock Candy, Parmalee


Earth / Environmental

1st place, Dylan Roberts, Starry Starry Night, Marshdale

2nd place, Logan Freer, Rock Densities, Bergen

3rd place, Kaitlyn Wynes, Evaporation, Ralston

4th place, Kurt Emrich, Compost, Parmalee

Electricity / Magnetism

1st place, Culleen Freeman, Electricity and Magnetism, Bergen

2nd place, Caden Reynolds, Powered by the Sun, Evergreen Country Day School

3rd place, Bhodi Yohn, Magnets in Water, Carlson

4th place, Ethan Polk, Wired, Wilmot

4th place, Cameron Paul, What Makes a Magnet Strong?, Marshdale


Health / Human Body

1st place, Zack Gacnick, Video Games and Blood Pressure, Marshdale

2nd place, Zane Larson, TTYL…Or Not.  Distractions while Driving, Bergen

3rd place, Abigail Watkins, The Nose, Kyffin

4th place, Madeline Lucas, Exercise and Intelligence, Wilmot


Material Science

1st place, Taylor Jacobson, Hot Potato, Parmalee

2nd place, Ryan Gale, Cup O’Joe To Go, Wilmot

3rd place, Ashley Trefethen, How Many Licks does it Take?, Marshdale

4th place, Kathryn Morrissey, Paper Towels, Bergen



1st place, Julia Flynn, Double Dipping Danger, Ralston

2nd place, Ella Wehrien, Germs vs UV Light, Wilmot

3rd place, Evan Legnard, Yeast Feast, West Jeff

4th place, Jared Stiller, Kitchen Sponge, Bergen



1st place, Nicole Levine, Tooth Brush, Bergen

2nd place, Shea Furnish, Burst Bubble, West Jeff

3rd place, Kai Runes, Table Cloth Trick, Wilmot

4th place, Max Crosby, Balance, Ralston



1st place, Owen O’Brien, Titanic’s Fatal Flaw, Wilmot

2nd place, Madeline Grahm, structural Strength of Different Shapes, Bergen

3rd place, Sydney Kasperbauer, The Best Hang for your Buck, Marshdale

4th place, Naomi Egan, Cracking the Egg, Georgetown



1st place, Carson King, Environmental Effects of Fish, Bergen

2nd place, Rachel Horneck, What’s that Smell?, Marshdale

3rd place Shannon Roamer, Which Chicken Lays the Most Eggs?, Parmalee

4th place, Sofie Olson, Can you Train a Horse to Remember Pictures?, Ralston


Computer Science / Engineering

1st place, Shane Droghei, The Division Mission, Marshdale

2nd place, Cole Christie, search Engine War, Parmalee

3rd place, Charlie Goldman, Rockin’ Robot, Evergreen Country Day School

4th place, Dakota Johnson, The Pixel Puzzle, West Jeff