Our new website

Just got back from a short but sweet vacation.
About this time last week I was camping near the Wyoming border trying to understand the great and terrible compulsion we have to subject ourselves to the unforgiving environment.
Going out into the wilderness and eating, sleeping and waking the next morning is like a sacred American pilgrimage.
Camping, to me, seems like a trial — a way to prove that we're worthy of our frontiersman forefathers. Personally, it tends to leave me exhausted, dehydrated and in a semi-hallucinatory state for the next several days. And unless our forefathers were following Jerry Garcia in 1969 — I'm probably doing something wrong.
It was with relief that I finally got back to work. However, I was telling somebody recently that coming back to the Courant after being gone for a week is like trying to catch on to the grill of a semi going 70 mph downhill with your teeth. Especially now that we're only a few weeks away from Nov. 2 elections.
But things are back and running smoothly. We have a new website — it's better, faster, stronger and can leap over walls in slow motion like Lee Majors. It has a ton of new functionality. Check it out and let us know what you think!