Today's Features

  • Gabrielle Louise and David Rynhart, a Denver-based duo featuring original songs in the Americana/folk/roots idioms, will present a show at Hard Rock Cafe in Empire on Jan. 16. The multi-instrumentalists and songwriters toggle between genres and instruments to craft an eclectic show, rich with vocal harmonies ranging from smoky jazz to old-time folk. The storytellers perform their songs on two guitars, a mandolin, a traditional Irish flute, a peppy ukulele and one sultry piano.

  • No one can deny the typical Clear Creek voter is an independent thinker — just as no one can deny that those independents have been steadily and increasingly voting Democratic for the last four years.

    But many people might not know that one man is behind one of the most successful political outreach campaigns in Colorado.

    "I don't think it would be a stretch to call Randy the godfather of the modern Clear Creek Democratic Party," said local liberal activist Jerry Fabyanic.


    Political roots run deep

  • After undergoing three fairly invasive surgeries and losing the only family he knew, Gamma refuses to let the dog days bring him down.

    The 4-year-old Rottweiler-shepherd mix, a resident of the Clear Creek/Gilpin Animal Shelter, isn’t hung up on appearances, but he appears more than ready to find a new family.

    Gamma underwent his third operation last week at Colorado State University, where veterinarians removed overactive glands that had produced a saliva pouch under Gamma’s chin. The pouch has greatly decreased in size since the surgery.