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  • Idaho Springs preps for second phase of water treatment plant expansion

    Idaho Springs began the first part of its water resource reclamation facility expansion on April 30, and now the city’s gearing up for the second phase.

    On July 29, the city hosted a community meeting for its second project where consultants explained that the expansion will have little to no environmental impact on the surrounding area. Rather, most of the second project’s footprint will remain within the facility’s boundaries.

  • Idaho Springs council approves moving forward with service districts

    The Idaho Springs City Council, after dozens of questions and concerns from city residents, on July 29 approved the service plan for two proposed metropolitan districts that would serve the proposed Soda Creek Highlands residential development above Pine Slope Road.

    The council approved it on the condition that the proposed districts’ boundaries in the service plan only includes the lot owned by the Soda Creek Highlands Development Co. LLC, as there were questions from neighboring residents about whether those boundaries were accurate.

  • Police Blotter: Crime Calls from July 22-28

    • Monday, July 22 — Idaho Springs officers discovered a reported stolen pickup truck out of California parked illegally. The owner was contacted, and the truck was towed to be held for safe keeping. A person of interest was identified, and officers are following up.

    • Monday, July 22 — The Sheriff’s Office received a suspicious-activity call in the 1000 block of Mountain Street in Silver Plume. A couple was walking in the road.

  • 71-year-old veteran walking across the country passes through Clear Creek

    It was for the two veterans who commit suicide every hour.

    It was for the hundreds of veterans who are homeless, for those who struggle with finances and health care needs, and for those who feel underrepresented in Congress.

    That’s what led William Shuttleworth, with only two sets of clothes, a sleeping bag and a few sundries in his backpack, to leave his Massachusetts home on May 15 to walk across the country.

  • Hundreds come out for Mount Evans Hill Climb

    By Alexandra Purcell
    For the Courant

    IDAHO SPRINGS — Hundreds of bicyclists flooded downtown at sunup on Saturday with one goal in mind: To summit one of the state’s most beautiful peaks, Mount Evans.

    The Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hill Climb is an annual race, organized by Team Evergreen Cycling.

    It’s held on the highest paved road in North America, Colorado 5. This year was the 54th running, and close to 700 cyclists took the challenge despite the threat of rain.

  • Elk Creek Fire works as ‘one big family’

    For many, saving someone else can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For the Elk Creek Fire Protection District in Conifer, it’s just part of the job.

    Sometimes, the paramedics, EMTs and firefighters in the department even defy nature’s course.

    “We got called to a cardiac arrest and we did CPR, all of that,” Lt. Vincent Van Binsbergen said. “We gave him all the paramedic drugs, and we actually brought the individual back, and he was actually talking to us on the way to the hospital.

  • New satellites could be long-term solution for rural internet access

    Satellites recently launched into orbit could be a game-changer in allowing Clear Creek residents to have high-speed internet access, but not until 2025.

    According to John Bottomley, the county’s IT director, three competing companies have started launching low earth orbit satellites that will be able to provide internet connectivity speeds that are competitive with terrestrial providers. By 2025, there will be about 40,000 LEO satellites among the three companies — StarLink, Project Kuiper and OneWeb.

  • Local man arrested in connection with murder of his sister

    A 67-year-old man was arrested Saturday in connection with the murder of his infirmed older sister in his residence along Highway 103.

  • Georgetown Briefs

    Bighorn Crossing construction will resume
    Construction on the Bighorn Crossing residential development will resume in August despite recent major holdups.

    Creighton Soukup, who runs sales and marketing for the development, said the development is slated to move forward at a faster pace. The developers received certificates of occupancy for the current buildings on July 24, and they expect the landscaping to start within the next two weeks.

  • Idaho Springs Briefs

    Four City Council seats up for election
    Idaho Springs City Clerk Diane Breece confirmed that two vacant seats on the City Council will be up for election this November, along with two current seats.

    The seats up for election align with redrawing the city’s district lines from three voting wards to two, with the districts divided into two wards near 17th Street. This will mean three city council members will represent each ward.

    Those positions up for election are: