Today's News

  • Police Blotter: Crime Calls from Feb. 11-17

    • Monday, Feb. 11 — Georgetown police arrived in the 600 block of Sixth Street to execute an arrest warrant. The individual was arrested without incident and booked into the county jail.

    • Tuesday, Feb. 12 — Clear Creek Dispatch received a call about a theft along westbound Interstate 70 near mile marker 247. The call was forwarded to Colorado State Patrol.

  • Byerley: Through the valley

    One of my favorite hymns is “In the Valley He Restoreth My Soul.” Lately it keeps running through my head during difficult times. It is a reminder that the valleys of life are a place to seek solace, experience healing and to live out our low points with the help of His strength and grace.

  • Fabyanic: Dog-eat-dog education

    Two recent reports dealing with education paint a grim picture of attitudes about it. Statewide, Colorado children are being compelled to attend school in squalid buildings unfit for human occupation. Nationwide, super-wealthy, socially insecure parents are cheating and lying their scions’ ways into elite colleges and universities.

    A recent Washington Post article drew national attention to Colorado’s indifference to children, especially in poorer school districts. It pointed out that statewide classroom and infrastructure needs now stand at $14 billion.

  • School district to sell Digger Field, bus barn

    Golddigger Field and the bus barn property are for sale.

    The Clear Creek school board on Tuesday voted 3-1 to solicit bids from real estate agents to represent the district and to start accepting offers for its properties on both sides of Interstate 70 including the former middle school.

    Voting yes on the measures were board members Mitch Houston, Jennifer Cassell and Larry Pyers. Board member Joe O’Leary voted no, and board member Nicolai Hoffman wasn't at the meeting.

  • Fabyanic: Co-superintendents not a good idea

    Two thousand years ago, when the republic was collapsing, the Romans concocted a new leadership model: Triumvirate, a three-man team that split areas of governance. Slow to learn, they tried it twice before concluding that a leader cannot be divided. The emerging empire was thence controlled by a singular man, albeit an emperor with unlimited power.

  • Byerley: County property conundrum

    What to do with Goldigger Field and the bus barn property is quite the conundrum. On one hand, I can understand the history and nostalgia, and wanting to preserve a green space for soccer practice, the annual homecoming football game, community events and club activities.

  • Arrupe Jesuit beats Clear Creek in season opener

    DENVER — It was only one game, according to Clear Creek senior tri-captain Abbigayle Gothman, but Saturday’s girls soccer season opener versus Arrupe Jesuit at Bruce Randolph High School was more than just that. It was the winds of change, sort of.

  • Coming back stronger: Baseball team looking forward to season with heightened play

    With baseball season right around the corner, Clear Creek High School has plenty to look forward to, including a lot of changes.

    With the returning talent of former ace George Hogan — who sat out last season with a broken femur — the Golddiggers will look stronger on the mound than they did last year, a trend head coach Stan Gould hopes will continue through the end of their rigorous schedule.

  • Byerley: Dreams from my dogger

    My name is Rocky Marciano-Byerley, better known as Rock-Dog. Nicole Byerley is my human, and she let me write her column this week.

    I am a mountain dog, a forest dog, and I am our office mascot. I personally rule the woods, and trucks make me very, very angry. I growl and bark at them every chance I get.

    I can be found hanging out in the yard, chasing circles around the trees and running in deep snow. I also love to sleep on my super cozy big dog bed or snooze in the afternoon sun streaming through the window in the mining office.

  • Fabyanic: Time to retire the Electoral College

    “It’s a disaster for a democracy, a total sham and a travesty.”

    — Donald Trump

    If Gov. Jared Polis signs SB 42, Colorado would join the National Popular Vote compact that would commit Colorado’s electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. The compact would take effect once enacted by states with 89 more electoral votes.