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  • Girls hoops gets big win against West Grand

    By Craig Harper

    As the lone non-senior to play in every game during Clear Creek girls’ run to a 2A state runner-up finish last season, Aliya Singleton knew she would be asked to carry a big load on first-year coach Shadow Murphy’s young 2018-19 team.

    And with the Golddiggers badly in need of a win heading into the holiday break and in danger of squandering a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter against West Grand, the senior did just that.

  • Madam president: Aliya Singleton juggles sports and a busy school lifestyle

    Hard work is all Clear Creek’s Aliya Singleton has ever known, whether it’s with her schooling, sports, extracurricular activities or her job.

    She’s always keeping a full schedule, especially as president of student government and of the Interact Club.

    “I’ve kind of just always been busy, so once I get home, I just have to sit down and do my work, so that it gets done. I know if I don’t do it right when I get home, then I won’t have the time that I get to do it.”

  • Byerley: Dems want to kill Colorado jobs

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The Dems are hell-bent on trying to kill jobs in 2019!  
    The Denver Post reports that a plethora of new bills are being introduced to address employment issues while Dems hold the majority in the Colorado Senate, House and governor’s office. It’s the usual smorgasbord of bad ideas that don’t account for the cost of doing business or the small business owner.  They can’t seem to be satisfied with a thriving Colorado economy; they must turn around and snuff it out.

  • Fabyanic: Freeing from the prison of daily affairs

    “We must free ourselves from the prison of our everyday affairs and politics.”
    — Epicurus

    Time is an illusion. It serves to sort and categorize past events and imagine future ones. With past and future existing only within our minds, the present is it. Quantum physics tells us so. Buddhism says likewise. There’s only the Now.

  • Fabyanic: ‘Tis the season of giving

    It seems we can’t get a break from carping, whining and finger-pointing. Social-political angst. Many thrive on it. It’s an addiction, a drug flowing through their veins. A detox course would be helpful for such souls.

  • Byerley: Thoughts on the Clear Creek housing study

    I recently read the Clear Creek County Housing Needs study released by EPS in October and published on the county’s website on Nov. 6. The study makes some good recommendations, addresses some legitimate housing issues within the county and presents some suggestions I don’t completely agree with.  
    Clear Creek County housing shortages are an ongoing issue that cannot easily be addressed without a multifaceted approach. The study addressed this complex problem from a variety of angles.

  • Digger boys hoops gives Byers a good game in loss

    EVERGREEN — The Clear Creek boys basketball team had all the right chances to put away No. 7 Byers (per CHSAANow.com) on Saturday on its own home court, but the Golddiggers’ turnovers threw it away in a 48-42 loss.

    But the effort and intensity never faded from the Diggers’ game play.

  • Clear Creek poms finish ninth at state

    DENVER — The Clear Creek poms team may not have ended its year the way the girls wanted to, but with all the adversity they faced throughout the season, it was a “blessing” that they made it to the state spirit competition in the first place.

    On Saturday morning at the Denver Coliseum, the Golddiggers finished ninth out of 10 2A teams amid tough competition, scoring a 72.53. It was a long road just to make it there.

  • Golddigger boys basketball buries the Huskies

    EVERGREEN — After a sluggish start to the season, the Clear Creek boys basketball team bounced back in commanding fashion with a 72-49 win over Platte Canyon at home on Dec. 5.

    A season-opening 67-26 loss to DSST was just the wake-up call the Golddiggers needed.

  • Digger girls discover offense, win game two

    EVERGREEN — After rough first games for both the Clear Creek and Platte Canyon girls basketball programs, the Golddiggers bounced back with a 47-31 win over the Huskies on the Digger home court on Dec. 5.

    In Clear Creek’s first game, it lost 28-21 to DSST. Platte Canyon fell to Buena Vista 54-19.