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  • QB Ansley, backfield on the run

    Rob Molholm’s outlook is a pretty simple one: More is better. The more running backs he has the more success the Evergreen Cougars will enjoy.

  • Delgado stepping into limelight

    Alberto Delgado wants to be a big part of reinventing the football program at Clear Creek High School. It seems as if head coach Brian Inman will give him his chance.
    Inman said the main goal of the Golddiggers’ offense will be to get the ball into Delgado’s hands and let him make things happen in open space, where he should be pretty tough to bring down.

  • Idaho Springs Visitors Center adds historical mother lode Springs visitors center

    It’s been tricky for local Scott Wallace to assemble a mining shaft headframe in front of the Idaho Springs Visitors Center.
    Construction of the 20-foot-tall historic structure is part of a $16,000 effort to add mining replicas to the property, which doubles as the area’s museum.

  • Vandals strike park playground equipment … again

    For the third time in as many months, vandals have destroyed the two playground spring animals at Courtney Ryley Cooper Park.

  • Currents

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    Aug. 27
    Come join in the fun for a celebration of the Friends of Charlie’s Place animal shelter’s new exercise park and outdoor kennels. Charlie’s Corner is a fun place for a shelter dog to run and play with a volunteer. Celebrate the grand opening from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Clear Creek/Gilpin Animal Shelter at 500 W. Dumont Road in Dumont.

    Aug. 31

  • Mushrooms: Beautiful, tasty and sometimes dangerous

    My mother was an insatiable reader, and she taught all of us to love books and where they could take us by reading to us every day.

  • Tattoo emporium believes beauty is skin deep

    Bryan Tarver did a little of everything before he found his true calling. He pulled a stint in the Marines, worked in the Texas oil fields and labored on a construction crew.
    But 24 years ago, Tarver found his niche as a tattoo artist, and he’s been decorating epidermises with enthusiasm ever since.

  • Vox

    Reversible bus lane the best idea
    for solving I-70 congestion

     I know there are a few local "leaders" who think the proposed widening of the eastbound Twin Tunnel bore is a good idea, but that's actually very similar to the leaders of ancient Troy thinking that that big wooden horse was intended as a gift.

  • Does Constitution or Bible have more power?

    It was great relief to see sanity, rule of law and our state constitution triumphing, which gives hope for that potential at the national level.
    The case dealt with Douglas County School District’s Choice Scholarship School, a fencing operation designed to funnel tax dollars to private and religious-based schools.
    It was a ruse from the start, a flagrant abuse of the state’s charter school laws, aided and abetted by the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Board of Education.

  • Blues bring happiness to music lovers at Empire

    With gravelly, bottom-of-the-sandbox vocals, a metal guitar and piano, Big Jim Adams and John Stillwagon held a tempest of stormy clouds at bay on Sunday during the 11th annual Empire Blues Festival.