Today's News

  • Knights win opening game against Golddigger boys

    EVERGREEN — The first game is always a good test for what the rest of the year will bring, but that evaluation isn’t always reliable when a team plays its best opponent to start the season.

    On Saturday afternoon at Clear Creek High School, the boys basketball team sparred with DSST Stapleton, a team with height and great talent. The Diggers lost 67-26.

  • Idaho Springs man shares his stories through art, music

    He’s been shot. He’s been stabbed. He’s been in a plane crash, chased off a mountain lion and acted in three films — but not at the same time.

    But these are only small pieces of Gilbert Montez’s life, and he will say that there’s more to him than that. And he’ll explain that he loves connecting with people and sharing his stories, particularly through his art and music.

  • Evergreen man arrested following reported domestic violence incident

    The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office arrested an Evergreen man following a domestic violence incident that ended in an eastbound chase down Interstate 70 on Thanksgiving night.

    According to Clear Creek Undersheriff Bruce Snelling, at 6:23 p.m. Nov. 22, a female called 911, reportedly saying a television had been thrown at her, and she had been punched in the face. By the time officers arrived at the home off U.S. 40 in Evergreen, the suspect, later identified as 41-year-old Brian Lee Patrick, had left the area.

  • Class in Georgetown teaches the tricks of decorating cookies

    Think of a cookie as a canvas — a place to create beautiful designs and to unleash your inner artist.

    At a cookie-decorating workshop Thursday at the Georgetown Heritage Center, cookie-decorating expert Teri Lewis shared tips with 40 people interested in learning her secrets. And she was very impressed with the creativity she saw in the cookies they decorated.

    “Look at how fancy you are,” she told them. “There is such a creative vibe and talent here. You folks are ridiculously creative. I am learning so much from you.”

  • Idaho Springs Briefs

    Safeway to sell larger variety of beer come January
    In light of the state’s decision to allow grocery stores to sell full-strength beer, the Idaho Springs City Council on Nov. 26 unanimously approved a modification-of-premises application for the Miner Street Safeway.

    Doing so increased the amount of space in which the store can house alcoholic beverages — from 20 linear feet to 58 linear feet. When the change takes effect statewide at the start of 2019, Safeway plans to up its selection and offer a wider variety of beers.

  • Georgetown Briefs

    Changes in notification rules for short-term rentals
    Residents who live next door to short-term rentals in Georgetown will be notified of renewals in a different manner now that the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved changes to the ordinance.

    For permit renewals, the town will post a sign on the property and provide information at Town Hall and on the town website, rather than sending letters to adjacent homeowners.

  • CCHS’ Eco-School group seeking ways to turn the school green

    What better way to learn about trash than to dig through it?

    Clear Creek High School’s Eco-School group did just that on Nov. 14, when it did a waste audit on one day’s worth of the school’s trash. The students hope to find better ways to make the high school/middle school a green school.

  • Idaho Springs police search for man who robbed Mountain Gems

    Idaho Springs police are searching for a man who reportedly stole items from Mountain Gems Jewelry Store on Miner Street on Nov. 28.

    According to a press release, officers responded to a call around 9:45 a.m., of a robbery in progress at the store. The owner who called was locked in a room, and it appeared he interrupted the burglary.

    Some jewelry and a firearm were taken, police said.

  • Fabyanic: The power of books

    In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Wittenberg, Germany, church door. Initially, the document didn’t make much of a splash. Luther wrote it, though, at the dawn of mass media: Johannes Guttenberg had recently invented the printing press.
    In the time before copyright and intellectual property, Guttenberg concocted a great marketing scheme: To get his invention noticed, he cranked out copies of Luther’s 95 Theses. It quickly went viral and shattered the previous impervious fortress of ecclesiastical authority.

  • Byerley: The gift of generosity

    ‘Tis the season to give generously. Beyond our own families and friends, we have the opportunity year-round to give generously to our communities, neighbors and causes we believe in.  
    So many have become accustomed to social safety nets like SNAP, WIC, Social Security and Medicare. We don’t have a choice of how our tax dollars are being allocated to these programs, and much of the money is caught up in red tape, administrative costs and bureaucracy.