Today's News

  • Coming back stronger: Baseball team looking forward to season with heightened play

    With baseball season right around the corner, Clear Creek High School has plenty to look forward to, including a lot of changes.

    With the returning talent of former ace George Hogan — who sat out last season with a broken femur — the Golddiggers will look stronger on the mound than they did last year, a trend head coach Stan Gould hopes will continue through the end of their rigorous schedule.

  • Empire man dies after being buried in avalanche

    An Empire man died after being buried in an avalanche Thursday afternoon on Jones Pass, the Clear Creek Sheriff's Office has confirmed.

    Hans Berg, 48, was working as a photographer for the backcountry skiing company Powder Addiction, Undersheriff Bruce Snelling confirmed. He was in an area called Shipwreck and Dragon's Field at the time of the avalanche.

    Around 1:53 p.m. Thursday, a group of about 14 Powder Addiction employees and guests heard the avalanche, and knew it was in the area where Berg had been.

  • I-70 reopened after avalanche mitigation, adverse conditions

    I-70 was reopened shortly after 12:30 p.m., Thursday afternoon between Empire Junction (mile marker 232) and Silverthorne (mile marker 205) following CDOT-planned mitigation work near Eisenhower Tunnel and adverse conditions that impacted the area earlier.

    Colorado State Patrol first announced a Thursday morning closure on Twitter at 9:40 a.m.

  • Byerley: Dreams from my dogger

    My name is Rocky Marciano-Byerley, better known as Rock-Dog. Nicole Byerley is my human, and she let me write her column this week.

    I am a mountain dog, a forest dog, and I am our office mascot. I personally rule the woods, and trucks make me very, very angry. I growl and bark at them every chance I get.

    I can be found hanging out in the yard, chasing circles around the trees and running in deep snow. I also love to sleep on my super cozy big dog bed or snooze in the afternoon sun streaming through the window in the mining office.

  • Fabyanic: Time to retire the Electoral College

    “It’s a disaster for a democracy, a total sham and a travesty.”

    — Donald Trump

    If Gov. Jared Polis signs SB 42, Colorado would join the National Popular Vote compact that would commit Colorado’s electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. The compact would take effect once enacted by states with 89 more electoral votes.

  • ISPD eager to expand into CCFA fire station

    The Idaho Springs Police Department has started planning its move into the Clear Creek Fire Authority station along Colorado Boulevard.

    Plans are once the fire authority moves to a new station along Highway 103 across from the former school building, the ISPD will move into the current fire station.

    During the Feb. 25 Idaho Springs City Council meeting, Police Chief Chris Malanka told council members that his department is looking forward to having additional space for evidence processing and temporary storage.

  • Police Blotter: Crime Calls from Feb. 18-24

    • Monday, Feb. 18 — Idaho Springs police located a suspicious person while on patrol. While contacting the person, drugs were reportedly found. A second person arrived and was also taken into custody for drugs. One suspect was charged with violating a protection order, and the second was charged with possession of drugs. Both were booked into the county jail.

  • Georgetown Briefs

    Discount for ice-driving groups questioned

    Two ice-driving groups are receiving discounts for sending people to the town’s clean-up day, Town Clerk Jennifer Yobski informed the Georgetown Board of Selectmen during its Feb. 26 meeting.

    Groups pay $300 to book the ice for a single day. Yobski pointed out that the group Our Gang books about 14 days of ice-driving per year, receiving a $75-per-day discount. Thus, the town loses out on approximately $1,000 in annual revenue by giving this discount, she said.

  • Georgetown library starts after-school Spanish program

    ¿Puedes leer esta oración?

    Si no, busque para señora Maria en la biblioteca de Georgetown. Ella puede ayudarte, igual que ella está ayudando a estudiantes locales.

    For the past two Thursdays, library assistant Maria Lokey has been teaching local students Spanish as part of John Tomay Memorial Library’s new Niños Learning Español program. It started Feb. 21 with 13 students participating.

  • Employees, community question rec district’s leadership

    Community members have voiced their concerns over the apparent workplace culture that has led to at least two Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District employees resigning in recent weeks.

    During the Feb. 27 CCMRD Board of Directors meeting, former recreation manager Laura Allen told the board that she was resigning because of a lack of leadership, saying that she has seen staff morale dropping recently but felt she was unsupported in her efforts to improve it.

    She worked for the recreation district for more than 20 years.