• Fabyanic: Offending sensibilities

    Warning: The following might cause you to gasp, clutch your pearls and go into a Twitter, so continue at your own peril.

    In the Democratic debate last week, Beto O’Rourke expressively but poignantly described a scene at the Odessa, Texas, massacre in which a young girl of 15 bled to death as her mother frantically and helplessly looked on. The wounds she died of came from the hands of one p*****-off, f*****-up, s***-for-brains young man.

  • Byerley: How great it is to live here

    How blessed I feel to live in Idaho Springs. It is a truly an honor to live in such a place where community matters, tradition abides, and a small-town feel still exists. Idaho Springs reminds me of the Evergreen of yesteryear, where I grew up, which has generally lapsed into chaos.

  • Byerley: Medicare for all is nonsense

    “Improved” Medicare for All is not “trading up.” It would be a recipe for bankrupting our state and further pushing our national debt sky high.

  • Fabyanic: Time to get a grip

    Those of an age remember the days of “duck and cover.” Incoming Russian missiles were imminent. Their missiles in Cuba confirmed it. We kiddos practiced self-defense by hiding under our classroom desks.

    The Bomb was new for our parents’ generation. We of an age, though, grew up with it. Like rock ’n roll, it was a reality of life. Part of being a boomer.

  • Fabyanic: Breaking bread intellectually II

    A good perspective to keep in mind when someone is jabbing his/her finger and hurling invectives at you is that it’s not about you, but the hurler. Like baseball pitchers who use brushback pitches to intimidate the batter, a polemical hurler’s intention is not to persuade or provide food for thought but to attack and score points for his/her side.

  • Byerley: Climb of life

    I pay reverence on the hillside in misty morning’s cool-shadowed light. The rock face beckons beyond the trees rising like a monument toward the morning sky. Each step is intentional, weighted with the anticipation of the endurance yet to come. Hurried yet careful, light on my feet and eager for a challenge.

  • Byerley: CDOT hates cars

    Last week the Colorado Department of Transportation held a live telephone town hall meeting for citizens of select Colorado counties to ask questions and voice their concerns. I appreciate that more state agencies are holding meetings of this type because working professionals and people with mobility issues often have a difficult time going to in-person town halls.

  • Fabyanic: Breaking bread

    As I was doing a run through Georgetown, I noticed a woman staring at me as I circled the roundabout. When I looked back inquisitively, she asked, “You crazy?” I was momentarily flummoxed, but she quickly followed up with, “We can hardly breathe just walking, and here you are running!”

    At that point, we, including her husband, laughed and engaged in an extended chat. They were from Chicago, passing through on their way to Aspen for an art show. Being an artist Aspen-bound engendered further conversation.

  • Fabyanic: Considering Hickenlooper, Bennet in politics

    This is a heady time. Future historians might look back at this period as a time of seminal shift in Colorado’s political trajectory. We recently elected Jared Polis, a Jew and openly gay man, as governor by a greater margin than his predecessor, John Hickenlooper, had won.

    In 2014, incumbent Hickenlooper eked out a victory over Bob Beauprez by 68,000 votes. In 2018, Polis defeated Walker Stapleton by 10.6 percent, which the Denver Post suggested “promised a leftward shift for a state that long had reveled in its middle-ground status.”

  • Byerley: Colorado adopts California’s ZEV regs

    Last Friday, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission voted to adopt California’s Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) mandate following a three-day hearing, as reported in the Colorado Sun. Colorado will join nine other states, including New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont, to push for a goal of selling more ZEVs beginning in 2023.