• Fabyanic: Immigrant chromosome in American DNA

    Since he regally descended the escalator to announce his candidacy, immigration has been Donald Trump’s signature issue, propelling him to the presidency. In the time since, he has fomented anger and hostility among fawning acolytes by railing against “illegals,” which is code for immigrants of color, and has stoked the flame of resentment by encouraging and condoning violence against immigrants, telling them and native-born and naturalized citizens to “go back where you came from.”

  • Byerley: Sad to be a Democrat

    It must be so sad and exhausting to be a Democrat these days. Spending nearly every waking hour thinking about and being outraged by everything. Waiting for just the right opportunity to blow your lid about a comment that was triggering or taking aim at a business in protest that “wronged” some group of people.

    To miss the forest for the trees by focusing on one tiny piece of the puzzle and ignoring the rest of the facts. Pointing fingers at someone or something else instead of taking personal responsibility for one’s actions. Too bad, so sad.

  • Byerley: No wolves for Colorado

    Colorado does not need a reintroduction of gray wolves into the state. Environmental groups, such as the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project with funding from the Ted Turner Endangered Species Fund, are pushing to unnaturally manipulate a species back into our state that will devastate our wildlife, spread disease, decimate livestock and possibly become predatory to humans.

  • Fabyanic: Who gives a damn?

    A theme in my recent columns is about the need for Republicans of good character to speak out about what is happening in and to their party. It is disconcerting to see few willing to rebuke their leader by condemning his degrading and despicable tweets, comments and statements.

  • Fabyanic: The Mueller moment

    It was disturbing to watch Robert Mueller, who has unselfishly served his country from Vietnam through FBI director, being eviscerated by Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee. Just when one thinks Republicans reach bottom, they manage to find new depths.

    On March 4, 1861, the first Republican president called on his countrymen to aspire to “the better angels of our nature.” Four years of a brutal civil war never swayed Abraham Lincoln from that perspective of human dignity.

  • Byerley: Our hope is in Him

    There are weeks when politics becomes exhausting. The last thing I want to do is think about local, state or national politics and try to come up with something insightful to say about the mess.

    Turning on morning and evening talk radio becomes a droning sound in my ear, and my blood begins to boil as I think of how our country is being eroded away. All the while people become more ignorant. The best thing I know to do during these times is turn on some music I enjoy, sing at the top of my lungs and appreciate the beautiful surroundings, our gift from God.

  • Byerley: Bureau of Land Grab is finally moving

    Hats off to Washington for finally recognizing the need to move the Bureau of Land Management to the West. The decision to move the BLM headquarters to Grand Junction was announced last week. Thanks to the efforts of Sen. Cory Gardner and others, the BLM headquarters is finally headed to where it belonged in the first place.

  • Fabyanic: When good men ...

    “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
    John Stuart Mill, 19th-century English political philosopher

    America’s Original Sin. Some say slavery, others the decimation of the native peoples. Both point to a dark aspect of America’s European settlers: racial animus, the attitude of superiority of one’s race accompanied by disrespect and harm toward others.

  • Fabyanic: Earthwise: A new story

    Two consequential events dramatically altered the world’s climate and ecosystem. The first occurred 66 million years ago when a 7-mile-wide asteroid smashed into earth near Yucatan. Within 24 hours, the species that had ruled the planet went extinct. The Day the Dinosaurs Died.

  • Byerley: Don’t be duped

    The same news stories play repeatedly on most news sources. Those who pay attention will hear the same story worded in exactly the same way on multiple channels, in multiple papers, and on multiple places on the interwebs.

    Supposed “independent” journalists repeat the same narrative they’ve been scripted to deliver, acting as though the news were new and cutting edge. Does this ever seem odd to you? Do you even notice?