• Let sheriffs enforce laws, teachers teach

    One wonders about the reason supposedly small-government groups advocate for a broader expanse of government until one comes back to the fact that the NRA is not a gun-ownership rights group as much as it is an ideological consortium led by political fanatics who will brook no deviation from its religious orthodoxy.

  • We finally have reached Tax Freedom Day

    Wow! I am tired. Are you tired? I have worked all year to pay my taxes, and guess what? So have you. Today, April 17, 2013, is Tax Freedom Day! Yay! Tax Freedom Day is the day in which we, as a country, have finally broke even and are now earning money for ourselves and not paying it to the Tax Man. 

  • An explanation of votes on gun safety bills
  • Twin Tunnels detour isn’t that bad

     It is time to talk about the Twin Tunnels and the construction project along the east side of Idaho Springs. When I first heard of the Interstate 70 Twin Tunnels project, I cringed, as I am sure you did. 

    The project, beginning this month, detours traffic around the Twin Tunnels and onto the highway just west of the Hidden Valley exit. It began last year with the construction to the south of the highway and the amazing expansion to include a third lane. I watched with amazement as I saw the construction develop with each trip down the mountain. 

  • Death penalty isn’t really justice

    Essentially, there are two reasons advocates of capital punishment offer: deterrence, which is objective and measureable, and a fitting, appropriate consequence, which is quite subjective.

  • Legislators can’t foresee unintended consequences

     Beware, the Unintended Consequences. In a complex society, there are rules, laws and norms that most people follow. When you interact with fellow citizens, we generally understand how we are going to conduct business and personal interactions. When the rules change, the norms change, and thus the interactions are changed. Such is the tragic case of Senate Bill 176, signed into law in the 2011 session. Democrats Sen. Morgan Carroll and our Rep. Claire Levy introduced this bill.

  • CASA needs volunteers to help children

    Some years ago, having served on the VALE (victims’ assistance league) board, I became aware of CASA and the fine job it was doing advocating for our children in the 5th Judicial District.   

    Recently, when our daughter Genevieve became a CASA board member, she asked me to attend an informational meeting about the role of CASA in our area. 

  • Don’t let fear stop us from improving

    Future historians and generations will likely look back at 2013, indeed to the years roughly correlated to President Obama’s tenure, as a defining moment and era in American history. Will it be on a par with the Progressive Period of the early 20th century, dominated by Teddy Roosevelt, that witnessed the creation of the Food and Drug Administration, enactment of child labor laws, and other social gains, and that of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal that saw the birth of Social Security?

  • There’s wisdom in the views of young people
  • Donated car will take vets to doctor visits