• State GOP elections important for Clear Creek

     I want to share with you an insider’s opinion about a race that is brewing as we speak. This race is important for Republicans, Democrats and the unaffiliated alike. It is for the heart and soul of the GOP in Colorado and therefore deserves our attention. 

  • A new era for churches and politics

    The state legislature seems poised to pass a bill enacting civil unions — marriage lite — for couples gay or straight. It would’ve done so last year were it not for Republicans in charge of the house, squashing it first with procedural tricks, then outright power. In the end, it likely cost them their majority, having been relegated to minority status in the November election.

  • Women in combat could change vets’ needs

     We’ve all heard the news that women will now be allowed to serve in combat. But, what are the realities about this change in policy, and how will it affect our local veterans in the future? 

    The Pentagon announced that women would be permitted in jobs closer to combat, however, a year-long review ordered by Congress may minimize many of the changes down the road. 

  • Guns simply aren’t the answer

    While there might be debate as to the order of the Bill of Rights — Did James Madison prioritize them? — for our purpose, it is striking to note the Second Amendment, which is about the need for a strong militia bearing arms, comes long before the Eighth Amendment that declares cruel and unusual punishment taboo. 

  • Compromise is the only solution

     Call him an aggressive progressive. In his full-throated declaration of progressive values in his inauguration speech, President Barack Obama eloquently states the case for modern liberalism. No apologies here.

    Obama draws upon advances made throughout history to make the case that our ascent has been an ongoing progression from the notion that the status quo is good enough.

    He emphasizes it was “together” we moved forward and only together can we keep building that “perfect union.”

  • Remembering Irv Krueger at the ISFD

     Twenty years as a volunteer firefighter in Idaho Springs didn’t define the life of Irv Krueger, who died earlier this month, but those two decades of formal service and countless days of service since his retirement made our community much richer and safer.

  • Unity and awareness needed for Republicans

     A forest fire raged on one side of a mighty river. At the river’s edge were a scorpion and a fox. They both faced imminent death. The scorpion said, “I can’t swim. Please let me ride on your back to safety on the other side.”

    The fox replied, “No. For surely we will get halfway across the river, you will sting me and we will both die.”

  • Suicide rate among military at all-time high

     The United States military passed a major milestone in 2012. For the first time in recent history, military suicides exceeded the number killed in combat. The military suicide rate has increased steadily over the past five years, exceeding the national average of 11.1 suicides per 100,000 people. 

    Even more alarming, veterans discharged since 9/11 have had the highest suicide rate of all, estimated at between 22.9 and 31.9 per 100,000 people.

  • No guns means no gun violence

    The heated debate over the role of guns mirrors the divide in which we still are mired. The sides arise from two disparate world views: pragmatism versus social-political-economic ideology and religious fundamentalism. 

    Pragmatists are not wedded to a particular set of beliefs. They tend to be forward-looking, progressive problem-solvers, willing to put all options on the table. Ideologists, who often seek the cover of philosophy, are purists, unwilling to deviate from secular or religious dogma.

  • Uniting people in both football and politics

     I was wrong. Many times I have written about how divided we are and how I will not participate in the division. However, this morning as I write this column, I realized that we are truly united … United in Orange. 

    Yes, it is Broncos playoff season and regardless of the outcome of today’s playoff, we are United in Orange. There is even a Twitter hashtag #UnitedInOrange to tweet your feelings about the situation. Fortunately for me, I have the chance to speak to you in this paper about the playoffs.