• Will the world ever be sane?

    Would you get over it?
    This idealistic nonsense about restoring sanity to America!
    Why do you say that? Why can’t it be done? And why is it idealistic?

  • Neither Senate candidate stands up

    Near as I can figure, Ken Buck must be suffering from a virulent strain of boot-in-mouth disease. That can be the only explanation for his ongoing gaffes. Well, not the only one — Buck could have chosen, despite his advanced degrees, a dunce lifestyle despite the shame, ostracizing and moral reprobation it elicits

  • Commissioners oppose 60, 61 and 101

    By the Clear Creek Board of Commissioners

  • Caveat emptor during this election

    One myth circulating today related to Colorado Republicans in denial about Dan Maes being their duly elected gubernatorial nominee is they’re the first to experience “buyer’s remorse.” But long ago the Romans coined the phrase caveat emptor, which roughly translates into “I wasn’t one of the 192,000 who voted for Maes in the primary.”
    The phrase can be traced to Romans’ dissatisfaction with Julius Caesar, whose last words are echoed daily by hapless Dan:  “Et tu, (fill in your fav GOP’er.)?”