• President should stand his ground

     The looming fiscal cliff — the automatic tax restoration, and safety-net and defense-program cuts that will ensue barring a deal between President Obama and the Republican Tea Party congressional opposition — ought not to come as a surprise to anyone paying attention. 

    Its seeds were sown 10 years ago when Congress approved former President George W. Bush’s giveaway tax cut, a blank check to fight two unfunded wars, and deregulated the banking/finance industry.

  • Fiscal cliff really is not the end of the world

      “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”  

    — R.E.M., 1987


    I want to lighten it up a little bit from the post-election analysis and talk about the end of the world. Yes, the world ends this year on 12/21/12. Or wait, is it 12/12/12, in which case it’s already ended before you read this. 

  • Celebrating the holidays despite a deployment

     America seems to celebrate the holidays earlier each year. Stores are quickly decorated, and the holiday shopping frenzy begins anew. The children of military families can be resilient and resourceful, but those with a deployed parent are particularly susceptible during the holidays. 

    Many will face some emotional challenges, and how the families deal with them makes a big difference. 

  • ‘Lincoln’ looks at difficult U.S. history

     “Seward felt an involuntary shudder in his limbs. He was also ravished by the irony of the moment. For nearly three years, a thousand voices, including his own, had called for a Cromwell, a dictator, a despot; and in all the time, no one had suspected that there had been, from the beginning, a single-minded dictator in the White House, a Lord Protector of the Union by whose will alone the war had been prosecuted. 

  • Time for Republican Party to rebrand itself

  • Republican Party must learn from failures

     Failure is always an option. What we do with failure depends on us and how we choose to move forward. 

    Will failure crush our will, deplete us of our enthusiasm and send us packing, or will it propel us to certain victory in the next battle?  

  • National election results very telling

    The 2012 election has clarified and solidified a trend since Ronald Reagan: The once Republican majority has become a minority. 

    This election was heralded as a referendum on the role of government. Indeed, it was, and the outcome does not bode well for those who cling to Reagan’s aphorism that government is “the enemy.”

  • A new era for Clear Creek County

    The results are in, and Clear Creek, like the rest of the state and nation, not only remains blue, but is becoming increasingly so. That assessment seems to fly in the face of the outcome of the commissioner races, both won by Republicans. Both, however, were squeakers and decided not on the basis of issues or philosophy but on the personalities running.

  • The Republican Party’s image is broken

     A man walks along a solitary beach at sunset. He looks around him. He is alone. He wonders how he got himself into this mess. His life seems like it will sunset early. Everything is wrong. Suddenly, a gentle figure is walking alongside of him.

    “Why are you so depressed, my friend?” asked the gentle man. 

  • A warmer climate may be the new normal

    The Day After and at the point of this writing, it’s not been decided who will be president. When reading this, though, it’s likely you know who was elected president, commissioners and district attorney.