• Romney would be bad for America

     I’m giving President Obama a pass on his less-than-stellar performance during the Oct. 4 debate. By the time this column is printed, hopefully he will have redeemed himself by challenging Mr. Romney to answer “Which Mitt is it?” in the Oct. 16 debate.

  • Sheriff says passing Amendment 64 would open can of worms

     A proposed state constitutional amendment would legalize the recreational use and widespread commercial distribution of marijuana. It would allow anyone 21 years or older to possess and consume up to 1 ounce of marijuana. That’s roughly enough to roll about 60 joints or bake eight pans of marijuana-laced brownies.

  • Despite differing views, candidates would serve county well

     Thursday evening, I had the distinct pleasure of joining the American Government students at Clear Creek High School and the Clear Creek Economic Development Corp. for a county commissioner forum held at the United Center in Idaho Springs. Peggy Stokstad kicked off the evening and introduced Deb Jensen, the teacher at Clear Creek High School whose students put together this event. 

  • Clinton’s 5 points make sense for America

     Last week I gave an overview of American economic historical events beginning with the Great Depression. It’s a story of a pragmatic people shaped by reality. They subscribed to essential values including hard work and personal responsibility, and understanding titanic forces of impersonal capitalism are greater than they, and those forces can easily be and often are manipulated and corrupted.

  • Hayden says decisions will be based on what’s best for county

     Editor’s note:Each of the candidates for Clear Creek County commissioner will be given an opportuniy to write a column for the editorial page before the Nov. 6 election. This week, Tom Hayden, a Republican running for the District 2 seat, discusses his qualifications.

    At a time when much attention is being directed toward the national general election in November, it is equally important to focus on the election to fill the vacancies on the Clear Creek Board of County Commissioners. 

  • A difference between wealth and debt

    I am happy to see that letter writer Jim Leonard now encourages Courant columnists to weigh in on issues extending beyond Clear Creek, for state and national issues are local, too. 

    It seems, though, Jim is missing a primary point in my column “We are not as broke as Republicans say.”  

    I stand by my assertion: When it comes to wealth, we are not broke. Far from it.

    One needs to distinguish between wealth and debt. It is the former I address directly. The two paragraphs after stating we’re not broke make that clear.

  • A challenge to Republican candidates

    Traditionally — since George Washington ran in our only nonpartisan presidential race — elections have been combative. That’s not necessarily bad; a vibrant democracy requires free exchange and open debate for informed citizens to make sound choices. 

    Victors are determined in a winner-take-all contest. No silver medals are bestowed.

  • Romney bus rally rolls through Clear Creek County

     Last weekend, the Republicans had an impromptu Romney bus rally in Idaho Springs Citizen’s Park. While waiting for the bus to arrive, I heard people talking about the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on Benghazi, Libya, and Egypt. 

    Is this another failed foreign policy from the Obama administration? The answer is yes. Unfortunately, this failure cost us the lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and others who were trying to protect him. Failure at this level costs lives. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families. 

  • Clark touts strengths, love for county in bid for commissioner

    Editor’s note:Each of the candidates for Clear Creek County commissioner will be given an opportuniy to write a column for the editorial page before the Nov. 6 election. This week, George Clark, a Democrat running for the District 2 seat, discusses his qualifications.


  • We are not as broke as Republicans say

     The conventions are over, consigned to history. Memories remain of the scenes, people, speeches and one-liners.

    From the Republican gathering, one remains particularly etched in our political consciousness: a doddering octogenarian talking to an empty chair. It’s sad to see Rowdy Yates/Blondie/Dirty Harry declining so embarrassingly. 

    Democrats, on the other hand, had fun, lots of it. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, with them in a funk due to the lingering weak economy and Republicans/Teas on the ascent.