• Fabyanic: A look at ballot initiatives

    Feeling a bit or a lot overwhelmed with the extensive ballot? As I’ve written, it’s a price we pay for living in a participatory democracy. It’s compounded, though, by Colorado’s rejection of republicanism, one in which the citizenry entrusts its elected representatives to do their job.
    There are 13 initiatives at the state level and two or more, depending on where you live, in Clear Creek.

  • Fabyanic: Thoughts on the candidates

    Because of their active get-out-the-vote efforts and speaking cogently about the issues, two commissioner candidates have risen to the top: George Marlin and Mike Hillman.

    Talking with Mike and watching his performance as Idaho Springs mayor, I’ve come to believe Mike is not a fire-breathing, anti-guvmit Trumpkin. Instead, I see an old-school, problem-solving, Chamber of Commerce Republican who focuses on the economic and financial aspects of governance.

  • Byerley: Thoughts on leadership

    By Nicole Byerley

    Unpopularity comes with the territory in any management or leadership position. Being a leader sometimes requires making tough decisions and causing unhappiness.

    While diplomacy, tact and good listening skills are something that every good leader should possess, the ability to make an unpopular decision and keep budgets under control are also requirements.

  • Media circus feeding frenzy

    Nicole Byerley

  • Election prep

    Loving participatory democracy? I hope so, but if it’s too onerous and you’re unwilling to do or not up to the heavy lifting of citizenship, there’s always the option to emigrate to Russia, China or another totalitarian system. Didn’t think so.
    Take a deep breath. Less than four weeks remaining in the 2018 election season. However, since you’re proud of and desirous of keeping your American citizenship, you have a critical job to perform: studying candidates and ballot initiatives of which there are a plethora.

  • Community voice: Clear Creek schools need voters’ help this election

    Peter Monson and Phil Buckland

  • Remembering the ‘Gold Plane’ crash 48 years later

    It was a plane crash with the WSU football team somewhere in Colorado.
    It was all so nebulous to me, even though I grew up in Wichita.
    Driving past the Wichita State campus as a kid, seeing the plain, monolithic memorial near the football stadium, I never fully understood the story behind it.
    I never really knew who. I never knew where. I never knew when.
    It was some football players from WSU. Somewhere in Colorado. Sometime before I was born.

  • Breathing in methane

    “What convinces masses are not facts, and not even invented facts, but rather open defiance.”
    — Jason Stanley
    “How Propaganda Works”

    The water in Georgetown was off this morning. A leak sprung while replacing a fire hydrant. The town’s aging infrastructure rearing its ugly head. Part of the drill living in Smalltown, USA.  

  • CDOT fails Clear Creek County

    Nicole Byerley

  • Fall in Clear Creek County

    Nicole Byerley