• Clear Creek County’s big boy pants

    Nicole Byerley

  • The descent of the Democratic Party

    Three words to describe the 2014 Ken Burns series, “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History:” illuminating, intriguing, fascinating.
    It is illuminating because it is not only chock full of revealing historical facts but also because of the way Burns explores the evolution of the thinking of the three primary characters —Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor—and the complexities of their relationships, among themselves and with others.

  • Brainwashing begins early

    Nicole Byerley

  • The elephant in the room

    Activism is a beautiful thing. It upsets the established order, unnerving conservatives but warming the cockles of liberals’ hearts. First, the #Metoo Movement; next, student protests about weapons of mass murder; now, teacher rallies. Teddy Roosevelt and early 20th-century progressives are doing cartwheels.

  • Underpinnings of democracy

    “A Fourth Estate, of Able Editors, springs up, increases and multiplies; irrepressible, incalculable.”

    — Thomas Carlyle, English political philosopher

    In 2002, Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in Pakistan, four months after the Sept. 11 World Trade Center attack. Pearl was one of hundreds of reporters killed in action before and since, dying to ensure your right to know.

  • Why we do what we do

    Journalists usually are not good at tooting their own horns. Shoot, in a lot of ways, it doesn’t feel right to do so. But this time, we are.

    We’re a small, but dedicated staff at Evergreen Newspapers. The past two weekends have been a bit surreal for us as our peers paid tribute to our diligent work during the past 12 months.

    First, the Colorado Press Association honored our staff with 47 awards, including a pair of sweepstakes awards for photography and design for the Canyon Courier and Clear Creek Courant.

  • Defining candidates’ ‘respect quotient’

    What does the Colorado General Assembly’s majority leader do when she shows for her town hall meeting, but few others do? Not much, except call it good and scoot home to Boulder.
    But what do Clear Creek citizens do about being deprived of the rare opportunity to visit with, question and hold their representative accountable because she failed to adequately inform them, the press and local officials of that April 5 town hall? Grouse, one supposes. Or, in my case, voice it in a column.

  • Who wants to be a victim?

    Alisha Hill

  • Newspapers are under attack from all directions

    It was in the early 1980s — I was a mere child — when I first started thumbing through the daily newspaper. I immediately flipped to the sports pages and then usually the comics or vice-versa.
    I walked to the nearby 7-Eleven weekly and brought neighboring papers — the Washington Post or the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch, to name a few — just so I could thumb through their coverage and clip out advertisements to save for my own personal collection.

  • Government and business

    Nicole Byerley