• CDOT fails Clear Creek County

    Nicole Byerley

  • Fall in Clear Creek County

    Nicole Byerley

  • What is justice?

    What is justice? I suppose we could probe Plato’s “Republic” for an answer, but that would be a bit much for an op-ed piece. Perhaps we can agree as a starting point that justice is like beauty: in the mind of the beholder.
    The brouhaha over Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who, by this printing, might be on his way to confirmation as a Supreme Court justice or joining other also-rans such as G. Harrold Carswell, has put American cultural norms front and center.

  • Beyond 9/11

    Nicole Byerley

  • A skeptic mind is a healthy mind

    “What, me worry?”
    — Alfred E. Neuman

    In Greek mythology, Cassandra was blessed by Apollo with the gift of prophecy. But when she spurned his advances, he laid a curse on her that her prophecies would not be believed. Much to the regret of the Trojans.
    Back in the day, prophets prognosticated by studying such meaningful signs as entrails and a bird sitting on Jupiter’s statue.

  • Perfectly Imperfect

    At our core, we are all a mess. Perfectly imperfect is how I prefer to think of it.  We review our daily behaviors, our interactions with others and how we move through the world, and sometimes feel regret.  
    We look back upon our younger years more often and may even feel shame. We have all done and said things that we aren’t proud of. We have all treated others with less than grace, and now wish we had reacted differently.

  • The party revolutions

    John McCain was a singular character whose passing has left a void unlikely to be filled. His maverick persona, while imperfect, and mental toughness bespoke of his character in defiance of forces arrayed against him, POW guards to Trump.
    As with past moments in time, many will forever recall the place and time they heard the news. While not unexpected, it still stunned. A legend gone, and the world became an emptier place.

  • What will candidates do for us and Clear Creek?

    The campaign season is here, which means the drum of negative dis-infomercials in which the target’s face is contorted to make him/her look like a serial killer who would slash your throat if given the chance has begun. Dis-infomercials are broadcast for a simple reason: They work. Mush-minded, gullible voters fall for them and do their bidding: “CALL so-and-so and TELL him/her he/she is a horse’s derriere!”

  • Clear Creek needs a diversity of industry

    Nicole Byerley

  • Socialism isn’t cool

    Nicole Byerley