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  • Vox

    Bennhoff would accomplish a lot as commissioner
    As mayor of Silver Plume, I had the opportunity to work closely with Tom Bennhoff on the Georgetown/Silver Plume Joint Wastewater Treatment Commission for over a year.  We were not only able to solve the immediate problems that faced us, but we were able to set a plan in motion that will be a solution to our wastewater problems in the future. I look forward to the accomplishments Tom Bennhoff will make as county commissioner.
    Earl Ballard
    Silver Plume

  • Ruminations on Andy Rooney

    I’m going to miss Andy Rooney. Not that I watched him without fail or hung onto every word he uttered while poking fun at life’s absurdities and us for taking ourselves too seriously.  No, it will be because he got to do what he loved doing — writing and commenting — and didn’t much care what we thought. Like me doing this.
    Andy was a living institution, an everyman philosopher, a symbol of and model for …yada yada.  
    Ouch!  He would’ve hated that.  

  • Vox

    Thanks to everyone who supported Mill Creek melodrama
    On behalf of the Mill Creek Valley Historical Society, we want to thank all of the cast members who participated in this year’s melodrama, “The Shame of Tombstone.” Thank you so much for your time, support and all of your efforts. 

  • Paradise for hard work, hucksters

    A few weeks ago, I wrote Americans are not revolutionaries by nature; let me add cynics to the list of what we’re not. The can-do spirit is part of our DNA, an article of faith in our secular religion like salvation to Christians.
    A recent poll shows 57 percent agree that we can fix any problem, which seems incongruent to the current political clime.

  • Facing personal, economic scams

    Getting your e-mail account hacked is the tech equivalent to catching a cold: Despite taking precautions to protect yourself by washing your hands and installing antiviral programs on your hard drive, even your best efforts can be overwhelmed.
    After logging on and seeing a flurry of e-mails, some from people with whom I rarely communicate, with subject headings such as “RE: very important” and “RE: hello,” I knew I had been hacked.

  • Vox

    Idaho Springs council needs to get its act together
    As a longtime resident of Idaho Springs, I have a question for our city council. What is going on? What are the problems with the budget and city administrator? When do we let bad actors take over? When did our city, in the mountains, not know how to deal with snow? These problems are and should be dealt with ease, instead of with all the drama.
    The budget should have an excess of funds due to the many tourists in town this year.

  • Occupy Movement relives the past

    “Any man more right than his neighbors constitutes a majority of one already.”
    — Henry David Thoreau

    Americans are not revolutionaries by nature despite the name of the war that gave us independence.
    The Russians and the French, on the other hand, conducted real revolutions, and we know how those went: Off went the heads of the moneyed, power elite only to be replaced by another form of despotism. It seems poor, working and middle classes can’t get a break.

  • Vox

    Don’t cut police budget
    The Police Department is the last place the city should be making any kind of budget cuts.
    The police respond responsibly, fast and knowledgeably whenever called. A town directly off of Interstate 70 has many different and necessary needs, and reducing the number of police officers certainly would put the safety of the town’s residents in jeopardy.
    The police are very visible in town, not only during the day, but evening, middle of the night and weekends.