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    Thank you to Girl Scout Troop 2049


    The Friends of the Idaho Springs Public Library, along with all “lovers of  the library,” would like to express our gratitude to Girl Scout Troop 2049 for changing the mudpit into a wood post and chipper-chip walkway. It looks beautiful!  Thank you bunches.

    Kathy Donahue

    County needs to pursue opportunities


  • I enjoy reading thoughtful articles. Thoughtful in this case likely elicits another descriptor from others: boring. You see, facts are essential, valued pieces of information in my universe, even those that contradict cherished beliefs. In times past, I believed in absurd notions: Santa, the swaying of trees causing wind, and an open and embracing Republican Party. Detaching from that thinking wasn’t always smooth, but facts intervened and intellectual honesty demanded such.

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    Maybe we should keep Clear Creek for us


    It was an interesting trip through last week’s paper. We learned that EMS is being overloaded by tourists, possibly putting the safety and welfare of the residents that pay for the service at risk.

    We learned that the Guanella Pass road is being “loved to death” and becoming a parking lot on the weekends.

  • The firestorm Donald Trump created with his response to Khizr and Ghazala Khan’s statements about him is an eye opener. Unstable as he is, Trump cannot help himself when it comes to creating and raising stinks by making over-the-top provocative statements. That’s not news. What is news is the overwhelming revulsion felt by the American people of this one. A bridge too far? Maybe.

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    ATV access would help the county


    I love to ride my ATV responsibly in the area, and Clear Creek County has so much to share. My friends and I love the area, and after our ride, we stop in Georgetown or Idaho Springs to shop and eat.

    We always try to support the local businesses in the area. This is something the community needs to help keep the economy vibrant; however, we have seen where some locals are aggressively trying to keep any “outsiders” out.

  • The audacity of hope. America in 2016. Dare one hold a hopeful, trusting, embracing outlook in the Age of Anxiety? Or is it requisite to be down-in-the-mouth, a naysaying prophet of doom who holds that we, the American people, are not up to the task of resolving what ails us?

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    County cuts need management


    The recent county order to department heads to make 10 percent cuts per year in response to the closing of the Henderson Mine, which will cause a loss of 70 percent of the county’s property-tax revenue, is a good start.

    But 10 percent across-the-board cuts is not real management. It does not set overall priorities on spending or differentiate departments that perform well from those that do not.

  • A political revolution has happened, but not as Bernie Sanders imagined. By nominating Donald Trump as its standard bearer, the Republican Party has finalized its self-destruction as the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. Exit stage right: the GOP. In with the MUP: the Party of Mean and Ugly.

  • After a million casualties for the British and French forces in World War I, First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill in 1915 proposed a risky venture to change their fortunes. It would become known as Gallipoli, so named for the Gallipoli Peninsula on the northern side of the Dardanelles that connects the Black Sea with the Mediterranean.

    By May, the venture turned into a complete disaster, and Churchill was discredited and demoted. But Gallipoli isn’t what we remember Churchill for; rather we remember him for his resolute leadership during World War II.

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    Concerns about county services

    after Henderson Mine closes


    I have to write with my concerns regarding the future closure of the Henderson Mine and the distribution or lack of distribution of funding by the county.

    It is unfortunate that we find ourselves in this situation now since the former commissioners were derelict in their duties not to make their county prepared for the situation, but politicians being what they are, this should be no surprise.

  • America is a beautiful country. The song says so. Donald Trump says so, or at least it will be if he’s elected president. But we’re talking different types of beauty: natural versus people.

  • “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,

    But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

    — from “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar”

    It seems to be easier to fall into despair than to hold hope when considering the current clime in America. I recall Ronald Reagan projecting an optimistic perspective in a time of tremendous crisis by calling it “morning in America.”

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    When will the county get it about Henderson?


    I am not surprised that Henderson Mine officials are saying “no” to being taxed for most of a new $4.65 million health clinic. They have given generously in the past, such as the rec center renovation. But it is common sense: If Henderson was enjoying enough of a profit to be generous, then why would it be preparing to shut down here?

  • “How is it possible that suffering that is neither my own nor of my concern should immediately affect me as though it were my own, and with such force that it moves me to action?”

    — Arthur Schopenhauer, “On the Basis of Morality”

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    Protect Clear Creek’s wilderness


    This coming July would have marked the 10th anniversary of my time on the mountain — lots and lots of time on that mountain near Idaho Springs. But that time expired just a year shy of this landmark. And then, I returned to “civilization,” Denver style. That in of itself has been quite a process. With a little help from my friends, I’ve mastered the salad fork again.

  • I had my “aha” moment last week with regard to the success of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It came by way of Ezra Klein’s online piece on Vox. In it Klein posits a clarifying distinction between the Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns.

    “Clinton employed a less masculine strategy to win. She won the Democratic primary by spending years slowly, assiduously, building relationships with the entire Democratic Party.”

  • “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for?”

    — Robert Browning

    I am feeling a bit better about American society not going totally off the rails when it comes to personal responsibility. The Colorado Supreme Court was unequivocal in its skier responsibility decision, ruling 5-2 that when skiers, boarders, and other such adventurers venture from the beaten path, or in this case the defined trail, he/she assumes the risk. Even to the point of death.

  • During my May 23 KYGT show, District Attorney Bruce Brown discussed an initiative he calls Vets Connect. The program is for vets caught up in the court system of the Fifth Judicial District for one reason or another.

    Shortly after going off air, a listener called and asked to talk to Brown. Long story short, the connection was exactly what the new program is intended. Had not Brown come on the radio and had not the gentleman been listening, something good probably would not have happened.

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    Questioning the county commissioners’

    fiscal management strategies


    In early 2014, notice was given that the Henderson Mine would be closing within the next 10 years. Such knowledge is important to Clear Creek County because the mine pays $24 million annually in taxes to the county.

  • Let’s begin by positing two premises. First, America is No. 1 on the global stage. America is a superpower militarily and economically, and remains solidly the petri dish of innovation. America also remains the aspiration of freedom-seeking people and model for other nations desiring to build their own free states.